PMK about to sell SA lime? Huh?


Where did this come from? It’s even the same renders as the Maxkey buy. @Kingnestea was this a secret or am I just out of the loop? Anyway, it’s a nice surprise. Will the colors be exactly the same as maxkey or slightly different?


LOL. SP had put up this information in their “What’s New?” section. Today they made the listing live. The details of colours are posted on the listing page.


Great news! When I received my set what I thought was “if only this set were made by SP”. Now it is going to happen.


I wonder if it will be close enough to be compatible with the maxkeys set, because I would get the specialties set just for what I am missing.


Wew, that price tho. I see $193 for TKL + Numpad + Specialties + Novelties, which would be roughly the same contents at the Maxkeys set. I’m guessing this is for people that were really bothered by the problems with the Maxkeys run or those that want some niche compatibility like 40% or ISO but aren’t afraid of paying for it.

In my opinion, even with the swirling I had I’d still buy the Maxkeys version again for the price difference of the compatibility I want/need, especially when the first run of Nuke Data this year from SP showed that they aren’t exempt from swirling issues.

Not for sure, but I kinda doubt it since SP is using their stock colors instead of custom, so I doubt they’re matched based on current info.


weird kinda wish it was the same colors so i could add some of these kits to my current max keys set but if this comes true ill buy it anyway.


Not saying it’s impossible, just unlikely. I wouldn’t expect the colors for an originally Maxkeys-only set to be matched to SP’s color chips, but who knows.


i agree just saying itd be nice if it did happen,


I asked them about the new batch of Nuclear Data.

“So, I know that the first batch of Nuclear Data keycaps seemed to have quite a few issues with scratches, flow lines, cracking. Has anything changed with this new batch?”

“Thanks for the email! Unfortunately flow lines are a common part of the SA family with particular colors and the specific finish on these keys. I would anticipate this batch looks like the last batch we did.

Looks like we just have to deal with it on certain sets, unfortunately.


I actually hope the colors are a bit different. The Maxkey set looks really good in the renders, but when you see it in person, it just doesn’t look quite right.


Idk, I’m a really big fan of Lime and even with the issues I’d call it my favorite SA set.

As for your response from SP, that doesn’t really inspire a whole lot of confidence given some of the samples of flow marks I’ve seen across Nuke Data sets. Seems pretty ironic that this version is going to cost almost literally twice as much but might still turn out to have the swirling issues that this run is trying to get away from.


Yeah that price is crazy! Got kinda excited when I seen this thread then the pricing killed it real quick. :disappointed:


Sorry for the late reply, currently on vacation in China and brouwsing keebtalk here is a bitch. I submitted the design to SP because I love Lime so much and wanted to have a SP version of it since I prefer SP SA over Maxkey, I guess the price is discussable since this is in stock rather than a GB which you have to wait for months (SP set the price tho). And about the colors, I was suprised when I see they put 2 stock color codes there for the 2 grays, then I doubble checked they aren’t really stock colors, at least not listed on their website. Maybe they’ve just put 2 codes for the new grays. At least that’s what I have asked, to match the exact pantone colors (the greens I picked for the Maxkey version were SP stock colors) as for the Maxkey version. Anyway, Melissa promised to send me some pictures to verify the colors. I guess I’ll post them somewhere once I got them from Melissa.


im excited even if it is more ill be buying it, just gonna take me a little longer to get all the sets i want haha


I just checked my Maxkey set against a sample of SP that I had laying around.

These greens are really close!


Just got this in an email from Kono:

Kinda weird another Maxkey run would happen when SP is preparing theirs, what’s going on?


Kono is also saying that their maxkey sets have been sandblasted to minimize swirling, interested to see how that looks


Me too. I sure wish they would share a close-up of the finish compared to the previous version


Here is what I wrote kono after reading this email just now^^…
“Wow thanks for devaluing the sets of the original gb participants. It’s one thing if this set exists in SA now for double the price, but offering it from maxkeys in the quality we initially deserved is a slap in our face. We were told it was what it was and nothing can be changed about the swirling and now the same manufacturer can do it right? I’m more than disappointed.”
Edit: sounds weird, ofc I’m not disappointed that maxkeys can actually deliver a good set… just that “we” have not received any compensation (preferable caps without issues) and I kinda feel like we still deserve our sets the way they are now.


I agree with you. In Kono’s defense, they gave us a refund option but I didn’t take it since there was no way to fix it according to them before.