Polaris > PCB Supported?

Hello! I hope I am posting in the correct place…

Ive been googling and searching everywhere and Im struggling to find answers in regards to supported PCBs…

Does anyone know what PCB will support the POLARIS?

Im thinking or rebuilding or using a new PCB if I end up wrecking the current one. So far the switches that were used (I am second hand user) sounds very muted and theyre not lubed so its not that fun to type on.

Thank you!

Probably be better suited in the Learning and Discussion / …hardware compatibility category. But I’m sure you’ll get great help here regardless.

You can probably update the category if you want or i could help, but that’s a minor thing.

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Thank you!

The Polaris supports the Polaris PCB. That’s it.

“Q. Will this fit typical 60% PCBs (GH60, etc)?
A. No. The case is matched exactly to the custom-shaped 1.2mm thick PCB.”

Ai03 answered that question here: