Post your cable(s)


From the one and only @westfoxtrot


There’s actually 3 of me. That’s how I explain the mood swings :yum:


Whats that connector on @kwerdenker images?


It is a Lemo 0B


This guy cables, he knows his stuff @dhb82 :smiley:


Made this snek out of an old telephone cable.

@westfoxtrot do you have any more of that copper sleeving? I’m looking for a trrs cable with a copper finish.


I don’t have any left but can always buy more!


Thanks for the offer! I sourced some from Zap Cables who had it in hand. Will be making a copper trrs cable for my copper plated Iris.



TRRS DIY kit from Zap Cables with copper metal sleeve.


What keycaps are those