Post Your Typing Sounds!



I’ll stop now haha - seems to just be me here now!


Here’s one to mix it up :stuck_out_tongue:


Finally getting around to doing recordings for my Pearls. First up is Aluminum.

Aluminum Pearl with MX Silent Reds and Craft foam inserted between PCB and Plate.


Not a full on typing video but I saw this thread lacked some click modded alps sounds. Full video soon to come


Second Pearl! This time we have an acrylic case wth a 3mm acrylic plate with 78g lubed Zilent switches.


Grid 600
Stabs need a little work


Minivan + Retooled Blacks 62g springs lubed with 3204.

MINIVAN clacking (sorry for my hands covering the board).


Tokyo60 with Tealios v2’s lubed with Tribosys 3204. Dynamat top and bottom of the PCB to stop the metallic typing sound. Recorded with iPhone X.

Tokyo60 Clacking


Housings lubed with Tribosys 3204 and stems lubed with Tribosys 3203