Pre [IC] on Several Colorways

If you have a moment I would appreciate your input on several colorways via the following Google Form:

Thanks for your time and feedback.

Pre [IC]

Thanks for taking the time to post here!
If I could offer some feedback it would be this:
Don’t ask people what you should design. Come up with a strong design that you want to pursue, create some renders and conceptualize the idea for us, and then ask for input and feedback on that specific design.
Be prepared that the design may not be well received and that you may have to go back to the drawing board. If it does gain some traction be prepared to consider and ask for feedback about certain things you’re not sure about.

Currently the scope of what your asking is too broad and isn’t going to get anywhere.

I hope this helps and looking forward to a potential interest check!


Apologies for going against the grain. I do appreciate your input, seriously. I did try a typical interest check which didn’t perform well.

I had these designs I’d put a lot of time into plus several others I weeded out. I felt like my tastes and the larger MK group differ quite a bit so figured I’d get some base feedback to help me narrow down which direction to focus.

It’s been interesting so far to be honest. I’ve received quite a bit of feedback and it hasn’t gone at all the way I expected which is really enlightening. The good news is that it looks like I have a pretty solid direction to focus even though it isn’t at all the direction I expected.

My Google Form may net me a “lowest common denominator” colorway essentially but I feel good about all of the colorways presented. I do intend to work on some of the designs that I love that others don’t as much and see if I can make some headway with them.

It’s all for fun and a good learning experience.

If you’re open to any profile, I suggest you run an IC for something in DCS or DSS. It will really help to gain attention and set your design apart from the crowd of current sets in the making.

P.S. If you go DCS, don’t use that goofy font Alps throwback used, stick with the font that’s on Midnight Gamer

Make a DCS set


I agree about DCS.

Some of these colorways look like sets that are already out there imo, one of them looks just like dsa lightcycle

SA has a slight lead but DCS is close behind. I like DCS better personally. Probably going to go that route unless things shift dramatically.