Project PlayWell (Lego-Compatible Keycap) Fulfillment Sale

Fulfillment Sale Launch 02/12 8AM EST

Edit: Batch 1 expected to ship 2/21. All new orders will be Batch 2 ETA 3/9.

Edit: Please note a moderate increase in pricing as of 02/21.

Edit: Temporarily closed as of 3/4.

It will be for Smooth Jet Black only.


Background of the Project


:eyes: Iā€™m going to have to wake up early for this one

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Order form is live for anyone interested! Thank you all for the support.

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I told you on Instagram, but I bought everything on the form! lol.

So excited to get more of these. My son has a ton of mini figs, too, so I have lots of options. Now to track down my my personalized mini fig from my trip to Legoland California a few years ago in.

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Absolutely appreciate your support!

Submitted my form too!

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Me: I have no interest in artisans.

Also me: Ordered 2.


Me: These are not artisans more like toys for keyboards.

Also me: Objects on sale are not toys and must not be given to children.

Thank you!

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