PSAish: Hand washing and over doing it

Due to the concerns around Covid-19, I’ve been washing my hands way more then normal lately, because I routinely to go through public / patients areas. and I’ve apparently washed my hands raw. Water invokes a burning sensation and they have a mild tingling sensation, when dry.

As a result, I’ve been told by our MRI manager, that I need to start warring rubber gloves, because my hands have become a possible point of infection.

If your going to have to wash your hands an excessive amount, you might want to ware rubber gloves, to limit the amount that you need to scrub up, so you don’t wind up in my situation.

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UV light disinfects, no?

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I’m also working in a lab adjacent to the hospital and my hand washing/sanitizing frequency is going way up as well. Haven’t had that kind of effect on my hands but I’m making sure I’m also excessively moisturizing my hands as much as I can after washing.

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We do not. the building is shared with other medical companies / doctors offices and is considered an out patient facility.

My skin has never seen much benefit from moisturizers. I’ve started putting argan oil on myh hands and warring rubber gloves, to hopefully curb the issue.

Cotton gloves sounds like a better idea. Moisturizer to.
As a chef working on a ship that have more klor in the water than usual this is a common problem.

I recommend Body Shops Hemp Hand Protector, work wonders for sore skin.

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Used to use that until the one by me closed down, can confirm it is a miracle worker.


Take it from a tradesman, go get yourself some O’Keffe’s working hands hand cream & use it overnight. A few years back I had to parget a block wall with mortar & didn’t wear gloves like an idiot. My hands ended up drying out so bad the skin on my knuckles was cracking & bleeding just from making a fist! Used O’Keffe’s overnight & the next day my hands were literally 90% better! This stuff makes regular hand lotion look like rubber domes compared to Topre LOL!


That’s actually what I use now! If it can beat these Chicago winters it can probably beat almost anything.


Right, it’s definitely some potent stuff!

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Hand sanitizer could be an alternative to agressive hand washing. Also, theres no need to aggressive hand washing. The Virus is quite susceptible to death with soap.

Never use latex gloves, only nitrile. If theres any in stock. My facility has a shortage on almost all medical supplies.

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The rubber gloves are more to keep my hands safe from infection and also to keep my work keyboard from being covered in oils / creams.

I’m pretty sure I tried that stuff long ago, with little success, but I could be mistaken… If the drug store on my way home has it, I’ll give it another go.

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U can use rubber(nitrile) over the cotton to spare your hands. (also a chef trick to handle warm food)

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Well, I tried their over night one that came in a tube last night, and my hands do feel better, so I ordered a tube of the regular stuff for day time use.

Silly question, but why do they sell products like this in a dish?

Petri dish came to mind, when I saw it at the store…

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The gloves that we have at work and the Nitrate power free exam gloves.

Hand sanitizer is currently in short supply around here, thought we are currently awaiting a shipment from one of the local micro distilleries, that is making a 80% ethyl hand sanitizer, that the FDA approved.

Lol, yeah the container is kinda weird. Glad to hear it helped though!