QMK Caps Lock LED?

I have a 1up60RGB PCB that I’ve finished with Box Royals and programming it was fairly straightforward, but for some reason, the Caps Lock LED is off when the others are on.

I flashed the default file and Caps Lock will toggle the LED, but if I toggle it on and then flash a new custom hex file I made (with a function layer key in place of the Caps Lock key) - the Caps Lock LED is still off.

Am I missing some sort of macro or line of code that would toggle all LEDs on and off at the same time?

I have the backlight toggle bound and I can toggle through layers of brightness and on and off, but the Caps Lock LED always stays off as if it’s still linked to the Caps Lock key - but my hex file doesn’t have any code for a Caps Lock LED toggle.

If you’re compiling from source, then you need this function: https://docs.qmk.fm/#/custom_quantum_functions?id=led-control

The “PORT” stuff needs to be changed to match the keyboard though

I can’t quite figure it out. I did manage to permanently turn the caps LED on though, so for now that will work.

Everything else worked great though, bound all my media keys and have a function arrow key layer on WASD, so it’s more of a minor issue at this point.

Well, what did you do to get it to turn on?

Both if and else in the function I used both turned the Caps Lock LED on. I’m still not sure how to bind it to the rest of the backlight or if that’s possible. I’ll take a look at it later though when I have more time.

It’s currently not possible to bind the caps lock to the backlight, and it is even harder to have the caps lock led level match the backlight level.

I have a PR open at QMK that adds support for “multiple backlight pins” (along with a working software based backlight), but it doesn’t (yet) support mixing software backlight PWM (ie for the Caps Lock) and hardware PWM (for the rest of the leds).

My own personal keymap uses this feature to control the Caps Lock led level to be at the same level as the rest of the backlight, but my boards only uses software PWM.
And I had to change a few things in the keyboard definition to not let it control the Caps Lock led status behind my keymap’s back…

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

I may simply cut the traces to the LED and solder some jumper wire to pull the caps lock LED source from another unused LED pin. Caps Lock is one key I never bother binding in QMK and have always used it as a function key instead.