Quick Help Needed!


My keyboard came per-installed with the QMX clip sound dampening brackets. My backspace key was constantly getting stuck, upon removing my keycap, I saw that the QMX clip was partially detached and was refusing to be securely attached to the plate despite me trying to physically push it in. The QMX clip was popping up with each key press and it was causing the switch to be stuck.

I tried removing the QMX clip, but was unable to without breaking something.

Anyone knows how are these installed or removed? Do I have to de-solder the switch in order to have them re-installed it securely?

I got this on video… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gnHv0xa6bcw


I have never personally used QMX clips or Zealencios, but from the video you posted it looks like you just need to get something under both sides (like a couple small spudgers or flat head screwdrivers) to push it straight up. That should allow it to come off without damaging the switch or stabilizer. The QMX clip itself may be trashed already. I believe they clip on to the switch with little ledges on either side that clip under the top housing to hold it into place. The one giving you issues may have the ledge on it’s left side that clips under the top housing of switch broken off or deformed in some way causing it to not hold properly.


You shouldn’t need to desolder to install or remove the clip unless your switches are so flushed with the plate that there is no room for clip to grab on to.

To install the clip, use the blue plastic tool that came with QMX clips. It has two tips designed to push down on top of the area of the clip that locks onto the switch. You’ll have to press til you hear a click sound.

To remove, use the small screwdriver that came with QMX clips. Insert the driver tip into the side of the clip so it’s tip is between the switch and the clip. and push toward the stem so side of the clip lifts a bit, unlocking that side of the clip.

Note that space can be tight with switches with 2U stabs so you’ll have to fasten one-side in then push the stab on the other side enough to allow the clip to be push down low-enough to lock in.


I’d take @donpark’s advice over mine OP. Like I said I have never used them personally, but it sounds like he has.


I suspect the clip has been trashed enough it isn’t holding on anymore. I tried using the blue plastic tool to push it in, but there isn’t any clicking sound, which further confirms my suspicion.

I can’t figure out how to remove it either. I didn’t have the small screwdriver as it came pre-installed. And I am really concerned about prodding any further espeically when I am not exactly clear where I should be pushing at. Seems like the only why I could get it removed cleanly is by de-soldering the switch entirely.



That’s a huge bummer man. The only other thing I would suggest trying before going the de-soldering route, is to try to put a small spudger or flat head into the opening on the right side of the QMX clip & use it to pry that side away from the switch. Although I get it if you’d rather not try that as I can’t promise it won’t damage the switch or stab. Hope you can get it worked out as easily as possible!


Yes it is a huge bummer… I need to look for replacement QMX clips, but it seems like it is sold out everywhere.
The worse bit is no one is selling them in individual pieces.


Rough, I’ll keep an eye out & let you know if I see any for sale. Maybe put a WTB post on r/mechmarket, I’m sure there is someone out there who has some that they aren’t using & could help you out.


Thanks a million!

I will put a post on r/mechmarket


Are you CONUS? Because I can send you a zealencio clip for free :slight_smile:


I have extras. If you live in Canada, I can send you a couple.


Thank you so much Frothy. You are a life saver.
I am more than delighted to pay for your inconvenience.

I will be in Toronto in two weeks time for a short trip. If you could send it to Toronto, it would be awesome.


Yep, PM sent


Sorry, my description was pretty bad. Here is another try. On the QMX clip, there are 3 holes on the side. Center one is for the LED but two side ones are for inserting the screwdriver between the clip and the switch. With tip of the screwdriver wedged tightly between side of the clip and the corresponding side of the switch, push the screw driver toward the center of the switch where the stem is. This action should push that side of the clip away from the switch, pushing the latching part along until its unlatched. Repeat for the other side. Should take no more than a second.


QMX clips are fragile and often break. Usually is good to have extras…

Zealencios don’t quiet down the board as much as QMX but they are much more resistant and reliable.

I have Zealencios on the stabilized keys because QMX tend to break & hard to install between the stabilizers. I use QMX on regular keys.


QMX clips are fragile and often break. Usually is good to have extras…

I’ve run into this problem many times which is why I got a spare box of QMX while NovelKeys had it in stock.


Thank you Frothy for sending me some spares that you have.