Rama Works U-80 (TKL)

Does anyone remember how much the Koyu went for?

$360 according to store page: https://ramaworks.store/products/koyu

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I agree, but I prefer smaller boards.

It might have been mentioned somewhere, but is it possible to have a split backspace on the U80, or is it a fixed layout?

That plate and hotswap PCB that come with the U80 are fixed and indeed don’t support split backspace, but I imagine someone will make an alternative plate down the line. I’m not sure if the solderable PCB has support, though. You may have to ask the designer, @Wilba, since I can’t find any photos online.

It’s an interesting board, especially with the mute dampener. I think it looks a bit off though - not sure if the TKL layout works that well with the rama large bezel designs - especially around the arrow key / nav mods. I think the large bezels look lot better with 60 and 65 layouts.

Okay, so I didn’t know about the whole Kara thing. Now I’m wondering if I should wait to see what is coming. Hmmm

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I suspect it’s going to be an even bigger layout than this, but we don’t have anything other than a brief glimpse at a name so who knows. It could also be that tiny 4-key macropad from the printer tease?

Hey guys, any info about this “MUTE” mounting system?

Is it a top-mount system with isolation? Kind of like a gasket-mount? Will it have some degree of flex, or will it have a hard bottom-out (like the M60-A)?

If anyone has further details, please share. :pray:

From the website:

In addition to these enhancements in our offering, we are proud to introduce MUTE, our newly engineered mounting technology, made of non-conductive silicone. This new system provides yet an extra layer of response as it deadens the sound while cushioning each keystroke.

Although the video makes it look like it is tray mount, I believe the entire system screws into the top of the board, isolated even further with some type of rubber gaskets.

Moon with base or Milk + Hagoromo for oblivion v2?

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I say moon for standard mods, milk for mono

Interesting mount. I guess it’s pressure fit. Sounds nice. I was going to go for white, but that port looks amazing.


I’ve been waiting for this sucker to release for a long time. At first I was a little upset that the haze color wasn’t offered, but damnit if the port color hasn’t stolen my heart.


That PORT colour is pretty different from the renders; looks a lot more like a burgundy red than the dark reddish-purple. Does look pretty close to port wine jelly, which is what he was shooting for I guess. LAKE also looked really washed out there for some reason?

They both looked very washed out in that video. I think it was the lighting and the video captured. The m60 Lake boards look way more virbrant and I doubt that the U80 uses different aluminum or a different anodization process (or manufacturer for that matter).

The LAKE looks really good in these pictures, so it seems like it was the video itself. The PORT also looks better in less harsh lighting, although it’s much brighter than the renders.

Anybody know when these are shipping?

Good question. I would assume sometime around the end of November but I’m not sure it was ever stated.

I’ve mentally prepared myself for sometime in 2020

I think the last two groupbuys took around 5-6 months so around Q1 of 2020. I asked Rama earlier and he said I was correct. He’s put in more “features” in the u-80 compared to his previous boards, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it ships later.