Rama Works - What should I do if they keep avoiding me?

I am an owner of an U80-A. I had a issue with my PCB which I had gotten in touch with Rama on having the issue resolved. In the initial couple of emails back and forth, it has been clarified that certain parts on the PCB has a manufacturing defect. Rama concluded to resolve it, they had to send me the parts to have it replaced by soldering or RMA the PCB for an exchange.

Since the part is a surface mounted component, I am not confident enough to ensure a clean job. As such, I have requested to replace the board instead. However, since that email request, they have been avoiding all contact with me. It’s been close to 2 months and I have not had a single reply from them, despite multiple emails asking for a follow up.

Nonetheless, I am frustrated. I have given them the benefit of doubt, but grew weary as time dragged on. What do you reckon I should do?

That seems…not right. Have you opened a support ticket with them or just email?

I think they are only or almost only using their ticketing system

I emailed a couple of times because I couldn’t log in to their ticketing system, but then I created a new ticket and they got back to me within a day


Just via email and on Facebook messenger. Response was quick in the initial email correspondence. But once it came down to replacing the board, communication from their end halted. I still hope it was just an oversight on their part.

Where can I get into their ticketing system?

I recall reading that they were going to limit their social media responses and get a dedicated support staff to handle such issues. I’ve had nothing but positive experiences with them and have a U80 ticket open myself. Open a ticket and give them a couple days to get back to you.

Please let us know how it turns out.