Hello! I’m collecting some data and would love if you could vote on where you’re from (your current place of stay).

  • Africa
  • Asia
  • America
  • Europe

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Well, I guess I have forgotten about Australia :sweat_smile:

Maybe give people a reason to provide their data? What are you doing with it? Will you share it?

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I’m just doing it out of curiosity. There’s nothing I can currently do with that data but it may help me with my future project if I decide to have a go at it.
My curiosity aroused from the fact that a lot of people outside Asia and US say that it’s hard to get stuff. Either be it a huge price tag, shipping fees or some products simply not being available to outside of Asia and US.
I hope you get what I mean.

Too ambiguous for immigrants, engineers, and scientists.

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My bad. Badly formed question.

Not really a problem. The question is often asked in person and usually context offers more clarity.