SALE - Orange Days! - LaserBoost 15% OFF in all Materials!

Hello there,

Hello Keebtalkers!

Yes! It’s time to build your keyboard plate! All materials at 15% OFF!

Get your plate at less price :slight_smile: Discount already applied in the prices shown on website.

It’s a 5-Day sale! R.U.N.

Oh! There’s some materials in our workshop exclusive for this community, let us know via mail if you need some of them, they are:

  • 3mm BRASS
  • 4mm BRASS
  • 3mm COPPER

They are not in the website, email only!

Here some pics of your last creations:

(Shiny Brass Plate…so shiny)

(Shiny Brass Plate…so shiny, take 2)

(Brushed Braa & Brushed Aluminium, the daft punk ones)

(4mm Brass Shiny + Edge Polishing)

(4mm Brass Shiny + Edge Polishing, take 2)

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Ah, man. Ordered my plate a few days too early.

Can’t say enough about your quality though. My first plate from you all came out perfectly, and I’ll definitely continue using you for all of my non-carbon fiber plate needs. If you ever start doing carbon fiber plates as well, I’ll be using you exclusively.

How will a 3mm copper plate hold up with a hotswap board?

Saw this one day after the sale ended :sob:

Did I answer You? Got several mails this days. If not, just email us at :wink:

Sike. 24h + extended. :wink:

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Oh this is great, thank you! I’ve sent an email inquiring about XD75 and Boardwalk plate options.

Thanks. 24hrs isn’t enough time for me unfortunately, but thanks to responding to the community.