Seeking Proxy for Chinese market

Ahoy, folks. I have a client that wants to get their hands on one of the aluminum shells in my collection. I originally got it a few years ago by having a Chinese-speaking acquaintance arrange the details with the seller, but we’ve both moved our separate ways since then. If anyone here is able to help or knows of a person or place I could go to for assistance it would make my day.

The specific item I’m looking for is an aluminum top shell for Filco TKLs (also fits on just about any other Costar board with the same arrangement) made by a company called Xikii, and I believe they just call the product “Xikii 87”. I think I’d most prefer the version 1 of the shell since it’s less expensive, but I’ll take any of them that are available - this is the item I mean:

I think that’s an old listing for factory seconds, but it will at least show what I’m looking for.

This is the V2 case, which also fits the “convertible” bluetooth version and has a cool magnetic badge:

If anyone is able to help, there’s a reward of $25 or an eclectic switch sample pack up for grabs.


This guide is four years old and I don’t think I’ve bought anything on there in three, but I did do it a few times if you want to try to yolo it yourself


You can consider going to ymdk - they have a Filco TKL Alu case available there. They also have a presence on Taobao and Aliexpress if those are your preferred stores. If you’re using Taobao, as an international customer I recommend creating an Alipay account and then logging in & purchasing via Alipay