[Service] Donut Cables Soldering Services!

Figured this would be ok here as it’s analogous to r/mm, lemme know if it’s not.

Donut Cables Soldering Services! Need something soldered/desoldered/assembled/repaired/etc? I’ll do it, and it’ll be pretty affordable. Here’s a nice little album of some of my previous work that I managed to keep pictures of https://imgur.com/a/1XfiM though that’s for sure not all the builds I’ve done since I started way back in 2016.

This is where you’ll submit quote requests https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfEEEWwMklNeQlFU0q7XsZRz0_bGIqzRCG-GSi45jsFKEZQWA/viewform

It has most of the relevant information, but I’ll paste some of it in here for ease of access:

Basic desoldering pricing:

Size Switches Price LEDs Price
≤40% $10 +$8
≤65% $14 +$11
≤75% $18 +$14
≤100% $21 +$17
  • +$3 for each controller(Teensy/ProMicro) to be desoldered

Basic soldering pricing:

Size Switches Price LEDs Price Diodes Price
≤40% $15 +$9 +$12
≤65% $20 +$12 +$16
≤75% $25 +$15 +$20
≤100% $30 +$18 $24
  • Not including the cost of components
  • +$5 for split boards with controllers to be soldered
  • +$5 for RGB strip addons
  • Kailh sockets - Same cost as switches per board
  • +$3 for flashing layouts if the board needs it
  • 10% discount for multiple services on a single board, such as desoldering then soldering in new switches.
  • Case/board assembly for full builds is included in this pricing

Anything oddball or you’re not sure about feel free to PM me and we’ll work it out.

Some stuff like repair work isn’t covered here because that’s more complicated to estimate a price on and would be discussed in communication. I’m also open to most any custom work you can think of, including PCB design, light 3D design, 3D printing, other soldering, oddball work etc, just hit me up and I’ll see what I can do.

Prices are all in USD and do not cover shipping to or from me. You can have me order build parts/materials directly from sellers to save time/shipping.

I don’t currently do lubing. I don’t personally care about lubing my switches or whatever, so I feel like I wouldn’t really do good enough work without caring about it.

Switch modding I’m not that setup to do at the moment, but could figure it out if there was demand.

Turnaround time will normally be less than a week after I receive the items to be serviced, discounting odd circumstances or queue buildup both of which will be noted in communication.

I’m located in NC-US, so use that to estimate your shipping costs and whatnot.

As always, any and all questions and comments welcome!