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uh en hummm
what to eat for dinner?


mx black salad with a dressing of 205g0


here’s a sword ,do the honorable thing go out back and fall on it lol



Kailh Box Switch Stem Measurements and Possible Problems

Remember the end of Matrix 3 when Neo realizes he never really left the matrix.



I’m going through my 3rd or 4th keyboard midlife crisis. Previously I was very much against RGB but then I witnessed the splendor that is pudding and all was right with the world.

And if Kailh destroys your pudding caps you are only out $25.



So yeah, looks like 30% keyboards are a new thing. All the cool kids should have this.

Personally, I’ll wait for 10%, with five function layers.



What the fuck is discord and why is everyone on keebtalk mentioning discord every single day.

I mean, I know I’m not a young man anymore, but am I really that old…


I’m one step ahead of you :wink:

This guy has been sitting in my KLE saves for over two months. I call him Dexter.


Discord is like Slack but designed to support features that can be enjoyed by gamers and other communities. The Mechanical Keyboards Discord can be found at, we have something like 6k members and it’s active 24/7.


You know what, I bet one could learn to use that thing pretty efficiently. It would take a lot of practice, but it’s entirely possible.

However, I would add one more thumb key on the right side to act as a spacebar (assuming those two are here to switch between layers).

Never heard of that thing. Fuck gamers, I’m still nostalgic over NNTP ie. Usenet. :unamused:


See the great thing is the layout is so fluid you can map the thumb keys to space and say, use left fingers for layouts (key combos, steno-style even?!) and type with the right hand or something. Anything goes. It’s a wacky thought experiment.

And Discord is honestly pretty awesome. I’m a bit too young to have experienced usenet, but honestly it’s a pretty fun and versatile platform


I’ve decided to secretly build a custom QMK keyboard and give it as a birthday present to a blonde that’s giving me mixed signals.

Is this a proper way to seduce a woman?


lel :smiley:


If she isn’t woo’d by this you know she isn’t right for you


You mean she doesn’t deserve me.


potato, potato