Silenced Realforce 87USB with black sliders?

Hi there,

Just received a Realforce I bought from ebay and I’m a bit confused.
The keyboard was listed as the silenced version.
Looking at the back the model is 87USB SE170S which seems fine.
However the sliders are black :thinking:
I thought silenced sliders were purple!
Have anyone seen this before or you guys think the seller swapped the sliders?
Obviously I have to open it and look inside…
The sound is not great in my opinion either, my hyperesphered novatouch is a lot quieter, especially the spacebar…

More realforce questions, it says Leopold in the label at the back, does Leopold make these keyboards?
What is going on with the topre stabs?!?!
How come topre doesn’t need stabs?
What do you do if you want to use mx sliders?
You just don’t use stabs?

post some pictures

Leopold does manufacture Topre boards, and may be manufacturing some of the realforce R2s. I know that there are silenced Leopold boards, but I don’t know if they have purple Realforce sliders or their own sliders similar to the HHKB Type-S.

And when it comes to stabilized keys, the way that Topre stabilizes bigger keys is inherent to the assembly, and combining that with a more stable mounting mechanism than MX, and you have keys that don’t need to be stabilized. If you want to use MX stabilized keys, you either need to drill a hole in the housing (which people do with Novatouch sliders), deal with it unstabilized, or swap out the housing entirely (i don’t think there are any aftermarket Topre housings that have MX stabilizer compatibility)

So this one is not a R2, however it seems to have been manufactured by leopold?
Sorry for the potatoe pictures: