Snow Caps Tomorrow

Looks like pimpmykeyboard will start selling the SA-P version of black on white, newly named “snow caps” (instead of the “ice caps” that were made in the old R3 molds). Excited to try them out! Suppose to be available to pre-order(?) tomorrow, October 25th.

Here’s the link:

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whats the difference between the molds?

No actual clue, but I have a set of their first run SP-P keys and they are pretty nice. Super thick and great legends…

I believe SP-P is PBT instead of the usual ABS.

The original signature plastics PBT SA sets were “Industrial” and “Ice Caps” These were dye sublimated PBT. However, SP adapted their all R3 ABS doubleshot molds to produce the caps. Not sure how that works, but they were never quite happy with the result. I own both sets. You can tell when you have them on a board that they have a lot of shrinkage going on. You can actually see extra space between the caps.

SP made all new molds for SA profile (fully sculpted) PBT keycaps and tested it for a long time. I seem to remember them talking about the process at least 2 years ago. Their SA-P “industrial” set was the first run of these new molds. The texture is different, the profile is now fully sculpted, and I believe the caps are actually slightly thicker.

Anywhoo… you can now get very nice SA profile (fully sculpted) in PBT with beautiful dye sublimation. And the new “Snow Caps” are the remake of the “Ice Caps” but with the new SA-P molds.


ahhh interesting. Are these going to be in stock starting tomorrow is this like a group buy format?

Not sure. The instagram post said pre-order. They’ve never done that before though, to my knowledge.

ah okay, thanks!

I never saw any preorder on their site, maybe I’m missing it

I don’t see it either. Maybe it will show up Monday :man_shrugging:

Found it!

There’s no option on the page to order a 7u spacebar, but you can get it by itself here:

Shows WAN in PBT

TKL Special edition would look pretty nice on a blue board:

The dropdown shows a 5 key novelty pack too, but there are no photos.

$184 to cover a 96key, I guess I’m passing.

That’s really interesting. I recently purchased the re-released industrial key set and didn’t realize it was with their new molds. Now I’ll need to look at it more carefully.

Really weird that they “forgot?” the 7u spacebar. I might try this out but gotta price everything out.

Am I being dumb? It looks like the sculpt is 112344 and yet their alternate text kit has R3 1.5u mods instead of R4?

If the whole thing was uniform R3 I’d be all over it. I’ve kinda come to the conclusion sculpted SA is just not really for me.

Looks that way from the profile side shot :thinking:
And they for sure have the R4 1.5u mold since they have an Fn in that bottom set of keys on the same pic.

Well that’s just Ice Caps: Same thing but uniform.

But I want that cool key with the mountain on it lol

They missed some keys in the industrial set when it first launched, and DSS dolch had the wrong profile hhkb backspace. If we let them know they usually fix it. I’ve already asked about the 7u space bar