So Drop is out of stock of regular Halo switches now that Holy Pandas are an in stock item... 🤔

Awesome, thanks for the clarification! Nice to see someone from Drop on here. You guys replying to threads like these can go a long way with community relation IMO!

For sure. I’ll do my best to check Keebtalk more often. And again, feel free to tag me or PM if you have questions.


Do we have a timeframe for restock? My trash pandas are getting dusty:(

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As far as I’m aware there is not a set date yet. One of the drop reps did say they were getting more though.

I realized that asking for a set date was asking too much, was just wondering if it was going to be a week, a month, 6 months. To get an estimate

Double check the discussion page on Drop. Last update they had was that they were going to be placing an order in response to everyone thinking they were being shady and only selling HP’s

I know, there’s a drop employee on this thread who said to tag him for more questions. Which is why I posted on this thread to see if there was a more specific answer

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We can’t even get timely transparent status of long overdue drops we paid for months before.

Drop may offer wider market exposure but it sucks as a messenger. What it should be doing is helping vendors communicate directly instead of trying to play the middle man which is neither manageable nor scalable. They need to do what Youtube and Twitch is doing with high traffic channels, staying behind the scene but helping each channel succeed.


Sorry for the delayed response. We should have more in 2-3 months, but hopefully sooner.

The poor communication on our part is a little complicated, but IMO, still unacceptable. I’m pushing for some internal changes with regards to how we interact with the community. Either way, we have to do better.


I worked for decades in SV so I can understand Drop’s perspective. That said, it’s a challenge Drop has to tackle full-on. There are good reasons why even small MK vendors now use Discord. Not even mega corps can afford to insist on old ways and ignore what’s happening in the marketplace. Drop must make communication first priority and adapt.


I agree wholeheartedly with @donpark’s statement. Drop has very unique opportunity dealing all the small niche communities they’re involved with. Get better communication with the community & better estimating on possible shipping dates (to be fair you guys have gotten better at that), then you would be the go to place for those communities! Not the place I loathe to buy from, but happens to be the only way to get whatever item I want. People aren’t stupid, but the are forgiving & understanding. Better communication about what is going with the drops should alleviate a good bit of the hate you guys get thrown at you.

Anyways thanks again for making a point to come update us in this thread, it really means a lot to the whole KT community! Also since you are now on here get involved! Show us your boards, keysets, artisan collection, projects you’ve been working on. Give or ask for tips, make threads you think would benefit the community, etc. We’re all MKB enthusiasts here & don’t care where you came from as long as you share the same passion & can keep your discussion civil. Hope to see you around here other than when you’re doing damage control for Drop man! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks for the feedback. Lest I make a promise I can’t keep, all I can say is that we’re definitely trying to do better.

I hope so too. I’ve been meaning to put together an album of my collection, but I can never quite find the time.


Ahoy! I’m new to the forum here, but not so much to the hobby. Anyhow if you’ve still got a bunch of Halo housings laying around I could definitely do something with them. I make vinyl stickers, and would be happy to send you some on top of the shipping for your trouble.


Sorry man I actually gave them all to @duxxzu since nobody else asked after I had that offer up for a few days. If you PM him he may be able to work something out with you, also if I hear of anyone who has some they are trying to get rid of I’ll direct them your way!


Cool beans - thanks!


I think I have either 70 or 140 (can’t remember) and the same number of panda stems I’d be happy to send over for the cost of shipping

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Great! The offer for some custom stickers stands as well - let me know if anything comes to mind.

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Thanks for the heads up bud! Get while they’re hot boys, cause I bet this batch goes fast!

I can finally get my hands on some true stems now and NovelKeys Mint Pandas sent shipping info today.

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