Some thoughts on Royal Clears and Burnt Orange

So, I just got me some Box Switches, in the form of Box Burnt Oranges and Royal Clears.

the test bed
keyboard : team wolf zhuque board
stabilizers : stock plate mount non lubed
keycaps : IMSTO PBT purple cherry caps

BOX Burnt Oranges stock
I can’t feel the bump. they feel like blacks, regular old blacks (have never tried vintage blacks). WHERE IS THE GOODDAMN BUMP YO!?

BOX Royal Clears stock
as with other reviews, they have a very rounded bump to them, you ride the bump as the keystroke moves along. but the problem is the shorter keystroke of the box switches and the very short keystroke after the bump makes it feel like there was never a bump there on the first place, feeling linear like

I compared the tactility to
Gateron Milky body with cherry clear stabs and spring lubed
Zealios v1 78g stock
Gateron Tactile Clear 62g stock

The bump can felt after some travel and before the keystroke ends

In conclusion
Alps have smoother tactility than box and cherry switches. I wished matias/who ever made those cherry caps compatible alps switches like the ones in the recent group buy