Space bar sound tip for tray-mount with four-poles

Space bar can sound atrocious if you have tray-mount case with center and bottom poles removed and either:

  1. don’t use case foam or
  2. uses a thin foam that doesn’t touch the the PCB.

For me, I don’t use a case foam when I want to emphasize switch sound or if the case is acrylic and PCB has underlight RGB.

When the space bar sounds like shit with such a build, I place a strip of case foam or Sorbothane under the space bar only, thick enough to touch the PCB. When a strip of foam is not available, use a folded sheet of tissue.


for people who’re not aware: KBDFans sells spacebar foam

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Yup. Spacebar foam can help with space bar rattle but not the sound problem I’m talking about which I think is caused by stabs being pounded onto PCB which, when bottom case pole is missing, reverberates loudly. I wouldn’t mind if that reverb sounded good but it doesn’t. Having a strip of foam under the PCB below the space bar absorbs some of that impact force.

oh, stabs being pounded on PCB? the “band-aid” mod is used to mitigate this issue.

and also, KBDFans got you covered: stabilizers foam sticker

I used to band-aid stabs but stopped doing that because bottom-out feel was mushy. And, I think the amount of force involved may be too much to be absorbed fully by the band-aid cushion when bottom case pole is missing. It’s a corner-case problem.

Can confirm that the kbdfans stab foam sticker makes bottom out mushy.