Split or ergo Topre boards?

I am a fan of split and ergo keyboards. Is there a Topre option for me? I searched for it but couldn’t find anything. Has anyone custom-built one?


There’s the microtron keyboard

That’s about it.


Looks like it’s no longer manufactured, and it’s not a common item on mechmarket. Seems I’d have to look into building my own, then. I wonder how difficult it is to DIY a Topre style board. It would require research for me. I’ll post here any good resources I find.


I have one in good condition that I could sell if you want it. I’m building a replica (sort of) but it can never be an exact replica because of the custom keycap shapes.


Well, the good news is that EC switch parts are now regularly available through Plum, and some sparse information about engineering capacitive switches. You’re gonna be swimming uphill, but it’s very much a possibility.

I don’t think a DIY Topre style board is really possible, unless you are very versed in laying out PCBs & have a custom one made. If you can overcome that hurdle, a custom plate would be the next big challenge. Although the plate would be much easier to have made tha the PCB. With both of those pieces in hand, the housings, sliders, domes, springs, & keycaps are pretty easy to soruce. Like others have said it’ll be a very tough challenge where you’re swimming uphill for the most of it. The payoff would be immense & one of the first, if not the first custom EV board.


Hey if @chexxor doesn’t want it for whatever reason. I’d definitely be interested in buying it! I’ve been starting to focus on collecting vintage/odd ball boards lately & this would be a great addition to that. Obviously @chexxor has first dibs , but if it falls through keep me in mind please.

I’m not ready to purchase anything yet, still in the research phase, so you can go ahead, @Rob27shred. :+1:

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Okay, I’ll send you a PM after work, later today!

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There was an IC for one but it never went anywhere.


A bit off topic, but does anyone know if Topre/3rd party replacement springs are available anywhere? Preferably in bulk.

Space bar spring or the springs under the domes?

Under the domes

I salvaged 104 of them from a full layout Realforce board. I’ll send it to you free if you cover shipping. DM me.

I’ve decided to make an exact clone PCB of the Realforce for starters, and tore apart one this weekend. Trying to map out on KeyCAD now.


Dude that’d be awesome

Did you end up selling this?

Hi, it’s still available


I’m guessing you have sold the microtron by now?