Spring Swapped Akko Sponge Switches

I finally got to sit down and do the spring swap on the Akko Sponge / Ocean Jelly switches yesterday. I went with the 58gf gold plated, two-stage springs from Cannon Keys. The springs were lubricated with 105g0, while the switch housings were lightly lubricated with 205g0. The result is these switches have a much snappier feel, a little more tactility, and deeper tone / lower pitch.

I’m attaching a sound test to this post. It starts with a comparison of original switches (on asdf) with swapped switches (on hjkl), followed by a typing test. If you notice a faint ringing in the typing test that 's coming from the Mengmoda case. I don’t know why it has this ringing, the Dopokey doesn’t have this issue. (I need to get these opened up and add some more sound dampening.)

Here’s the audio:

Nice. I bought the same springs.

I would use your mod, but I’d prefer to achieve the opposite effect with the Sponge!

You want a higher pitched sound? Or something that doesn’t feel as snappy?

Yeah, something less snappy. I found them a little too spicy. I wouldn’t mod them, personally, as Huano Banana kinda feels like a less-spicy Sponge, yet still snappy.

The would both need lube for the sound, of course.

Well, I guess if you are going that route, you probably are going with a single stage spring then? AFAICT, it’s the two-stage spring that makes them a bit more snappy and tactile than other switches.