Stainless steel / damascus steel sandwich cases

Hi there,

This is an IC for Stainless steel and damascus steel sandwich cases for 60% PCBs.
Reason for steel is that I am fed up with dents on my keebs, little scratches, or marks on the anodized alu surfaces.

The idea is that there will be some bottomplates and quite a few plates with different layout.
There is no moq for plates, I take orders based on keyboard-layout-editors data which you can send me. Ansi, iso, hhkb, some custom, it is all right


– plate and bottomplate thickness is 3 mm

– stainless steel / mirror polished / brushed
– damascus steel
– spacers: steel or brass
– fasteners: stainless torx screws

Currenty it is an estimate
steel / mirror / brushed is EUR 140-200
damascus steel is a rough estimate EUR 220-280

What is tested already:
I have some 3 mm thick steel plates with different layouts on my different keyboards working.
hhkb / a katana60 pcb layout / ansi

What needs to be tested:
Damascus steel
I am waiting currently on some materials for the first prototypes

I plan to make 2 boards with damascus steel for prototyping this autumn.

what do you guys say?


Im asking because I am genuinely curious, who do you believe this is for? It is fairly expensive for a Lo-Pro sandwich case.

That being said I do appreciate the desire to innovate with new materials. Always cool to see :slight_smile: Would you ever consider offering a plate building service? for custom plates in these materials? I believe that would be a very valuable product to offer.


I gotta agree with this statement, the ideal is solid, but the prices are just gonna be too high for a sandwich style case to attract many people to buy. I think going with just plates in some of the most popular form factors & mounting styles first would be the best move (I know personally I’d be more interested in plates in these materials than sandwich cases). As that would get the ball rolling with much more orders than the cases IMHO & if it does work out like that it will allow you to offer the cases at a much better price down the road. Since combined you’d be ordering more materials from a supplier & more work from a manufacturer which should lead to lower prices for you from both. At least that’s my two cents on it, although I do have to say that is more of an educated guess on this project on my part. Whatever you decide to do though GL with it man!


I think it would be most advantageous to offer stainless steel / damascus steel plates to start with

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