Standard Keyboard Sizes / Layouts



I think most people (depending on OS and layout) swap which one is [Alt] and which one is [Super].
Especially since for OS X they switch them.


This was more to show keysizes rather than specific keymaps. That’s just how I use mine. :smiley:


So how do you set them up Huey (now that I know how @koduh sets his up) ?

  1. There’s a limitation of what keys are available in different keysets – a lot of GMK sets will have a 1u Super and a 1u Meta but no 1.5u Super or Meta (and even less chance of two of them)
  2. There’s not always a correlation between keycap legend and the keymap – Mac users are used to this, often being stuck with Win for Option and Alt for Command


Minor nitpick: IMO the big difference between a 40 and a 45 is having a full home row on the right hand. Since the Minivan has this, I consider it a 45%.

Edit: HHKB bottom row- GUI ALT SPACE ALT Numpad_Mousekeys_Layer_Toggle :wink: