Stay Awhile and Listen!

Hey Everyone!

I thought I’d post an introduction so here goes. My name is Paul and outside of keyboards I’m a software engineer working as a tools developer at Blizzard on Heroes of the Storm. I’ve been into mechanical keyboards for about 4 years now, particularly focusing on ergonomic options. I started off using a Kinesis Advantage as a daily driver to alleviate hand pain at work and over the last few years tried the Dactyl, ErgoDox, Iris, Preonic, and eventually landed on the Atreus62 as my next daily driver.

The Atreus62 has its flaws so I ended up creating my own modded version of it called the Speedo. It’s very similar but with improved thumb clusters. I only ever designed a case and not a PCB, which I may go back and do now that I have more knowledge on the subject.

More recently I’ve taken on a new project, the Ergo87. It’s an 87 key ergonomic keyboard that aims to provide an easier transition into ergonomic keyboards for TKL users. This time I am designing both a case and a PCB and I hope to have a first version available to the community within the next few months!

The project I plan to tackle next will be recreating the Fang Gamepad using Cherry ML switches and 3D printed keycaps; however, that will likely take me quite a bit of time due to having no experience with 3D modeling.

Anyways, I’ll likely be posting on here quite a bit so I’ll see you around!



Welcome Paul!

Do you have the coolest keyboards at Blizzard? :smiley:

Not sure about coolest but probably the most unique. :slight_smile:

I’ve seen a handful of Pok3rs and Kinesis Advantages but I’ve yet to see another custom. That said there are a few thousand employees and I’ve only met a small subset of them. :stuck_out_tongue:

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So uh, can we have the original Shudderwock back? :wink:

Welcome! Cool design with the Ergo87, looking forward to seeing it finished :smiley: Maybe I’m blind, but is it missing the [ and ] keys on the main layer with the current layout?

They are actually; I just need to update the picture in the README. Right now the default layout looks like this:

The only key currently missing from the top layer is “Menu” which is replaced by “FN” because I personally still prefer to have a lot of keys on a second layer.


and i beg your pardon, but i’ve to ask this question: Had the Blizzard staff been “devided” like the rest of the world about Warbringers: Sylvanas?

Your Ergo87 reminded me instantly, sort of, of the Truly Ergonomic and that’s the reason i just found out they have announced a new one.

Have a wonderfull time here and at Blizzard.

I took some ideas from the truly ergonomic! I’d love for the Ergo87 to eventually have similar palm rests but I’ll need to design a 3D printed case instead of layered.

And yea there is definitely a divide but I’m in the minority as an Alliance player here. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I can bribe you with some nice keycaps if you can give me any rumor about Starcraft 3 :joy:

I like the Speedo.

I will definitely make one for myself to try. I have an original Atreus and I love it except for the fact that I could use 4 more keys on the right and left.

I was thinking about trying an Atreus62, but the Speedo looks pretty cool!

Nice! Definitely let me know if you make one. :slightly_smiling_face:

Need Diablo 4 details or i’m reporting post as spam :joy:

JK, Welcome!!