Struggling to flash HS60 v2 with ARM STM32F303CC


And just for the record, the method that worked in the end for me was to pass the aditional dfu arguments like this:

make hs60/v2:ansi dfu-util -D file.bin -R -d 0483:df11 -a 0 -s 0x08000000:leave

and then flash the resulting .bin file in qmk toolbox


Sorry to bother, but i seem to be experiencing the same issue, and it won’t allow me to flash my hs60 v2. I’m entirely new to all of this, would you mind walking me through it? can’t seem to fix it myself :frowning:
You can add me on discord emiah#8489, thank you in advance!


Hey, sorry I hadn’t seen this, not sure if you solved it already, have you tried VIA?
It would be the easiest way by far if you haven’t used this stuff before.

There is a #VIA channel in the QMK discord server where you can ask questions.