Success rate for extras?

Soo, I think I have decided what GMK set I like to buy.
But the GB was in November-19 so extras in Aug-Sep will be my next shot at’em.

But what are the odds of getting a base-set+ 2-3 add-on’s? Will I have to spam f5 the day of release?

Yes. Extras have been a shitshow and selling out in like 30 sec for most sets lately. There have been some exceptions (9k9 on Dixie) but it will probably be a mess.

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Good to know, will be on my toes when it’s due. :grimacing:

What set?

Yea I hate how it’s been a crapshoot this year with all things keyboards it seems. I really wanted an Equinox extra earlier this year but it sold out in the 2 seconds I took to add another PCB :sob:

I was like… “really? there was this much interest for a 40%?” I think total sale time was something like just over 1 minute.

Best of luck!

One thing to remember with extras, especially with keyboards, is there usually aren’t that many. Sometimes keyboard extras will be like literally three available.

I think TMOv2 extras were something like 18 extras. Couldn’t even get one added to cart before they were all out.

I got a set of vaporwave in an extra’s sale and it was pretty stressful. Things have been selling out pretty quickly since the explosion in interest the last year or so. What kit are you interested in? It really depends on how popular it was during GB (usually they order more extras for popular buys) and if the interest has ramped up since. Olivia++ might be a shitshow, something more niche like Ursa might be easier to snag.

Which set are you aiming for?

Haha, I’m not gonna let you snatch it up before me! :wink:

But the extras will be devided for the vendors or is it a common pool?

It was bad even before the pandemic. I tried to get in on Drop’s “Keycap Recap” for dev/tty R2.

Let’s just say my experience there is why I am in the pre-order for dev/tty R3.

I get the feeling that the GB wasn’t a huge success, but I guess that won’t matter.

I hope the notifications @ won’t tell me to late.

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Not to mention that some use bots to monitor the webpages and they get notifications a few minutes before you receive the email.

Aww geez :upside_down_face: