Suggestions for Gsus/YOK R2


I’ve been using both Gsus and YOK Red for awhile and, while I’m mostly happy with them, there are some minor improvements I’d like to see in the next rev or variants.

  1. Notch that locks switch into plate sticks out too much. Inserting the switch into plate requires too much force and in turn grinds the notch down each time. I’ve started grinding the notch down before inserting.

  2. Switch fits too tightly into plate. While the notch mentioned in #1 contributes, general dimension of the switch seems larger than other switches.

  3. LED side notch breaks too easily. Just grabbing the switch tightly with switch-puller (to work around problems #1 and #2) will break it. When that happens, switch top ends up getting pulled instead, ripping it off the switch and sending the stem and spring flying.

Of the three issues I’ve experienced, #3 is the worst. To account for the problem, I had to order spare housings and use two plastic wedges to pull out the switches…very slowly to say the least.


Here’s my two three cents adding onto this:


  2. If the bottom housing can’t really be retooled, at least do something similar to the Halo housings - get a top that goes down into the SMD slot to make it a more solid switch. I really like the way that it’s implemented in Halo housings and I want to see that in more switches.

  3. The Red Pandas are not red, they’re magenta. This fact above all else is total bullshit. Fix immediately.


Dang. I knew I forgot something. PCB mount 100%. Even if plate is used, PCB mount extrusions definitely reduce bent pins on hot-swappable PCBs.


Yeah, PCB mounting pins would be incredible.


I’d love to see them with PCB mount pins also. @Lesbian, I do get where you are coming from as the YOKs definitely aren’t a pure shade of red. Although my batch seems closer to a burgundy than magenta. I wonder if they had a goof up with the dye at the factory, cause I have seen some pics of batches that do lean more towards magenta?


These were always the color they were intended to be. I showed off some pictures and everyone voted that I just called them Red Pandas, and thats how they got their name. :wink:


From what I can tell, all the switches are actually very similar in shade, but lighting conditions, surrounding colors, and anything else that plays tricks on our brains has an impact on the shade. At first blush my batch does seem to be more burgundy, but placed on top of a burgundy colored thing, the more magenta tones really start to show. Under the right lighting, you can also see the obvious shade difference between the top and bottom housings for the YOKs.

Really, I just want them in more colors. Purple YOKs, please? Pretty please with a keycap on top, Mike?


well i guess i actually can ask since you’re right here so uh purple yoks plz


Next color won’t be purple, but it wont be the same color they are now. I’ll have more to announce once hopefully soon.

Also, don’t expect PCB mount.


Here’s a picture of one of my loose Holy YOKs next to other red and red-ish keyboard stuff.

@mgsickler oh no what have you got for us this time


Yeah that does look magenta with the comparisons. I think you’re right about different lighting, cameras, etc.


Nice, so there will be more colors to come! I’d love to see them in a light grey at some point. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a switch in that color & it would go well with most other colors.


As a red wine lover, I have no problem the name/color mismatch. And I would not have bought anything named Red Something unless the product page had a photo showing the color.

@mgsickler, pls don’t feel pressured by suggestions in this post. These are wishes and hopes. I doubt anyone is expecting Santa to deliver anytime soon if ever.


Yeah the name/color doesn’t bother me, I actually like the color they came out to be. Also I’m with you about the suggestions here, just stuff I’d/we’d like to see in the future if possible.


Too bad to hear about the lack of pcb pins. Is the factory unwilling? Or does it cost too much money to make new molds to add them?


I’d settle for the switch fitting better into standard cutouts. Box switches are annoyingly tight, but these suckers feel like they are even bigger.


FYI, I tried Holy Gsus without plate and the experience was not very good. I do like the sound and feel but the switch seems to bounce off the PCB, making faint shadow clack sound, even though they are flat. It could be that the problem is hot-swappable not holding the switch tight enough.

This experiment gave me some new tinkering ideas:

  1. try placing masking tape between switch and plate to see how that affects the feel and sound.
  2. try placing more cushiony tape between switch and PCB to see if that removes ghosting clack.
  3. try placing a tiny piece of duck tape behind the notch in the switch that tends to break to give it more support.


Would it reduce the cost to just sell housings (assembled, but no spring or slider)? Seems really wasteful to include all these sliders that nobody wants.


Selling housings has it’s own issues - there’s a much higher probability for damage, and I honestly don’t understand how the hell Heroin Robert Gazzew can do it


Hence selling them pre-assembled to protect the leaf.