Suggestions for mix and match keycaps

Hi all!

Usually I am a DSA-person, but recently I got my hands on two Cherry-OG-doubleshot sets (one in classic black on beige and one in grey on light grey).

I don’t follow GMK group buys, interest checks, and I have very little knowledge of the existing colorways.

So I need your help and knowledge!

Here is what I am planning to do:

I am currently modifying a walnut case which I am planning to use for my first ever Cherry build.

I want to use the alphas I already have, but the mods should be in another colorway.
I am looking for color that go well with beige (or maybe light grey) and walnut.

Think of terms like:

Forest, moss, wood, nature, earthy… and the like.

I am thinking of greens, browns, earthy/dusty orange.

Any suggestions?

(I’ll post a picture of the case and some caps later today)

I match my OGs with N9

GMK Nines
GMK Sixes
GMK Classic Retro/Beige
GMK Olive
Will work i think.


If you like Nines, you can grab extras from the most recent GB on Kono. Unfortunately, you have to pay the Kono tax (though overall probably not more than you would pay for another set in the aftermarket).

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While I like the Nines and Sixes, I’d prefer a little more color accent.

GMK Olive is not bad, thanks for the suggestion!

This is the walnut case with the alphas in it (not the actual layout :rofl:).

I think green, orange or brown modifiers would go best with the walnut.

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GMK Ursa would probably be perfect if you can find it on mechmarket or the aftermarket otherwise.

TA Royal Alpha modifiers maybe? Would look cool, especially with the Norde (?) keys you have there

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I guess you’re right, TA Royal Alpha would probably look really nice.

The keys I have are from a very old Norwegian G81-3000, one of the early ones without the propietary stabilizers, so all keys are useable. And with R5 profile for the bottom row :wink:

I just ordered the JTK Royal Alpha set, since I found it on stock.
Ok, it’s not GMK, but tripleshot, and the quality is probably decent enough.

But I am still open to more suggestions.