Tea towel deskmat

Hi all, boredbondi here from Sydney.

Been using a Filco Majestouch TKL with cherry mx browns as my work from home keyboard for a few months now.

Until today I’ve used the board sitting directly on a cheap Ikea desk. Sound and feel have been terrible, loud and noisy and a very hard typing feel.

Hard to get deskmats in stock here, so today I tried a tea towel under the board. Folding twice in half along the short edge gets a perfect match to the TKL footprint.

Improvement in sound and feel is absolutely astonishing. It’s like a totally new and different board. Maybe MX browns and stock keycaps aren’t that bad after all.

Probably no surprise for anyone who’s used a deskmat, but for those new to the hobby, try a tea towel…


For us Americans, is a tea towel just a dish towel?


Yes, and thanks for the translation :grin:

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That’s actually a pretty interesting idea, I really don’t like desk mats but maybe something just under the keyboard would nice.

Clearly you are a hoopy frood.

Actually funny enough, 3-4 years ago putting a handtowel/tea towel/dish towel under your keyboard was a trend for sound improvements before large deskmats were a widespread trend in our hobby