Tealio Springs

Is it possible to buy just the springs somewhere? Not just any 67g springs but the real deal. I have Tealios and Creams on the same keyboard and, while the spring weight is the same on the paper, they are different springs.

All declared zeal spring weights include switch housing friction (from what I gather) which accounts for approx. 5g. Most 67g zeal switches have been measured to be around 60 - 62g in all actuality. Compare that to the 70g cream spring and it’s a world of difference. I would try some 60g to 62g aftermarket springs. Hopefully someone else has done this and can point you to the perfect product.


Thanks! This actually makes sense.

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Damn, I bought the Turquoise Tealios Switches with 63.5g because 67g seemed too heavy for me on paper and I didn’t want fatigue at gaming sessions. I didn’t test the switches out yet but I hope the bottom out force is a tad higher than a cherry mx red with 60g.

I don’t know that I’ve seen anyone test those particular springs, but they may follow the same convention and be 58g give or take. Or not, who knows. Or you may like them regardless, lol.

I went from a Kailh Box Blacks (60g) to MX Zilents (62g Zeal springs) and it could just be the 205g0 in the Zilents having a sort of placebo effect, but they feel almost lighter. Again, could be the lube, but that’s just my experience so far.

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I think that may be because box blacks are 60g actuation, but 70g bottom out. Your fingers knew what was going on, lol.

That would make sense then. So it seems that the 62g and 70g isn’t that much of a difference in feeling for @noteveneric. Maybe the Zeal springs are then really 62g and not 5g less.

IMHO tactiles feel different than linears. It’s more than just the bump but also in weight. You can see it on force curves. Due to you having to “climb over” the bump, 62g on a tactile is not going to feel the same as a 62g on a linear.

I also believe that Zeal rates his switches with +5g due to internal friction between the plastic parts