Tealios Vs Retooled Blacks

Hello again,

Both of these boards are Flashquark AMJ40’s, the Blue has Tealios (stock spring lubed with 106, housing lubed with 104), and the gold PCB mount retooled blacks (stock spring lubed with 106, housing lubed with 104).

Both are using SP ABS Doubleshot DSA, both GMK stabs lubed with dialectic.

That’s about all there is to say, but let me know what you think! I have a favourite… But you can probably guess.



Tealios sound sweet and a bit more clacky but smoother. I love them even in stock (I’m using them so this is kinda biased :P)
Retooled Blacks sound as good except they’re still scratchy which is really noticable if you turn up the volume.
Overall I like both of them. Tealios have an edge over retooled blacks this time although if it were vintage blacks teal would lose.

The retooled do have a slight scratch to them on the mic, but it’s hearing is much better than mine, I can’t hear it or feel it in use.

Personally I prefer the sound of the retooled, but, it’s subjective, hence me doing the test!

The thing that kills me about everything that isn’t the all black cherry housing, is the sound. I don’t know how to describe it, but it’s really obvious in the side by side at the end. The Tealio housing, maybe because it’s transparent, has a higher pitched sound to it.

I’ve noticed this with Gateron Yellow, the Tangerines I just got, Kailh linears (speed and pro), and Outemu Ice Silver. It’s something about the transparent housings.

Another example would be ergo Clears with cherry housings vs MOD Switches / Zealios / Outemu Ice Purple, etc… The all black cherry housings have a slightly warmer sound to them.

And I am not even referring to the bottom out (though it is more noticeable there) only. You can hear it on the upstroke too when the switch resets. The transparent housing switches I mentioned have a ‘colder’ sound to them than the cherry housings.

Or am I just a lunatic and imagining things? :frowning:


I’m having trouble hearing the difference between the two.

Honestly the only difference I can hear is that the blacks sound slightly scratchier. Maybe that makes them sound warmer?

I agree completely, though there’s a place in my heart for milky.

Speaking of which, I’m really looking forward to building something with the C3 Tangerine switches with milky bottoms I got in the mail yesterday. Has anyone used them in a build yet? Just playing around with some loose switches, they definitely sound promising.

I have a couple of sound tests up of the black bottomed (one is the weaven, disregard that, the board sounds like that whatever you out in it nearly), the milky top and bottom I did a sound test of Revo whites in a mechmini2 and something else, maybe a jd40 - they will likely sound identical - I like them, nice deep tone.

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Anyone tried a Tealio stem in a black housing?

I have one keyboard with Tealios with cherry tops on them and other with cherry mx blacks (idk if retooled or not) with 67g springs in them. Tealios feel nicer, are lighter and less scratchy. Both are unlubed.