Tex Kodachi: interesting layout, famous IBM-style trackpoint nub... and a new profile?


So I covered this on Top Clack a few weeks back when it was teased, but now we have a more fulfilled look.

This is certainty an interesting keyboard. What do y’all thing?


I like it, been using Thinkpads for many, many years back at working times (No Lenovo TP)
I do miss a picture of keycap(s) flipped for more details.
It would become to pricey for me, $399 witth greens + 50 or more shipping (3.86 lbs) + 19% tax = getting close to $550 - 600 depending on customs.

My pockets aren’t wide enough :frowning:


Yeah I’m pretty happy I get free shipping if I’m interested, but I still get hit with my state tax which fortunately isn’t anything crazy but does add a bit. It’s a piece I’d love to have but not sure if I could truly justify :sweat:


I really like the look of this keeb, and am intrigued by the prospect of having a mouse built into my board. Once I saw the price, however, I had to do a double take. Just like the rest of you fine folks, I don’t know if I can justify a keeb this expensive (especially since I need another keeb like I need a hole in the head).


Would be awesome to replace a rackmount keyboard. I wish I could get work to expense it.


But this is a place folks are headless anyway, the rabbit hole has its price.
Nice nickname btw!


Thank you kindly! :wink: Also, point taken, lol…


The layout looks a little slapped together to me. It just doesn’t quite cut it aesthetically imo, like somebody closed their thinkpad a little too quickly and this is what happened to it…

Cool idea though. I’ve never used one of the little mouse nubbins, do they actually work well in practice?


profile kind of reminds me of XDA


its certainly out of my price range but i like that they tried something new. there’s only so many new designs that can be applied to a standard TKL layout and I think companies and individuals trying new things can only lead to more innovation


I like it !!


Very nice indeed. But should be about half the price, together with black PBT dye-sub caps.

Cherry ML switches would be nice too.


It might be kind of weired in the beginning, but once used to, it works like a charm and fast.
I’ve never missed an external mouse and still prefer it over a touchpad, of course personal preference.
Dell, HP business notebooks had them too, but you could choose inbetween touchpad and these or both.


What a weird function row…mostly staggered, partially not. All I see is wasted space, but somehow the all important F12 key is on a function layer when there is blank areas leftover? Also, why go for a classic look with the keycaps but make it lo-pro?


I too was considering buying one. The craftsmanship looks pretty top notch. I guess we should expect as much from TEX. Isn’t it strange how the lower rows are sunken in to the keyboard but then as you move toward the top they change. The top few rows are floating key design. I guess they did that to achieve a certain ergonomic slope between the wrist rest and the board with its feet on.

I’d hate to shell out $400 and swap the switches, so it looks like you’re stuck with cherry. Maybe black or clear would be okay? Has anyone ever run across “retooled” reds? If I could get smooth reds I would be okay with that.