TGR-910CE: Already missing the fall

A-yo Keyboard Talk, here’s a keyboard I built for a friend. I took some pics of it, because it looked so pretty. The backdrop is fall-themed, because I already miss the season. Summer is too hot (and humid) for me.

Enjoy the pics!



  • Grey top and bottom aluminum case
  • Clipped, lubed (Superlube 82340) Cherry screw-in stabs + fabric Band-Aid mod on PCB
  • ZealPC (tactile) Zilents 67g.
  • Brass plate
  • Keyset featured: GMK Skidolcha
  • TGR-Unicorn PCB v1.2 programmable with Bootmapper Client

The board looks gorgeous! I do have a question about the band-aid mod though. Is that to reduce stab rattle? Is there a guide of some sort for that process?

No, it’s used to dampen the impact of the stabilizer inserts upon striking the PCB under them.

The mod is simple and you should be able to find a guide on Reddit, but basically it boils down to just cutting the adhesive portion into a rectangle such that it sits under the insert and you paste it on to the PCB.

Oh I’ll have to check that out, it never occurred to me to do something like that. Thanks!

Even though I’ve done it on all of my recent builds I have also heard from people that say it doesn’t really make much of a difference. Better safe than sorry for me though!

Top Clack made a guide here that goes over bandaid modding, if by chance you need it still. Never hurts to have another opinion even if you already found a vid.

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This is great! I guess I have another project for this weekend :slight_smile: