TGR Alice PCB & Plate (polycarb or carbon fiber)

Hey Everyone,

This is an interest check for a TGR Alice compatible pcb. Yuktsi has graciously provided the layout and Maarten has kindly offered to make an open source PCB.


  • TGR Alice compatible pcb
  • Powered by Atmega32u4 MCU
  • QMK programmable
  • No underglow
  • No in-switch led
  • ESD protection
  • Fuse
  • Fully soldered
  • USB mini (c not possible due to cutouts)


  • TBD
  • Total units: 20 (may change based on interest)

Let me know if you are interested:


  • US proxy
  • EU proxy

Getting estimates based on Puddys’ IC numbers: 40 PC & 15 CF

  • Carbon Fiber: 1.5mm matte black twill weave | MOQ TBD | Price TBD
  • Polycarbonate: 1.5mm clear | MOQ TBD | Price TBD
  • No limit to plates

01/21: Requested quotes for PC & CF plates

Link to geekhack IC thread

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Good, already filled the IC.

Definitely curious to see where this goes! :slight_smile:
Alice is an amazing keyboard

I would be so psyched if this happens! :smiley:

Plates links are live:

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