The Demonic Panda: the Switch You Never Knew You Didn’t Want

Stem: TTC Gold Brown

Top & Bottom Housing: Panda

Spring: The heaviest you can get, preferably slow-curve.

Note: For optimal results, use two o-rings and a silicone ball in the housing.

Now, may be asking, “But…why?” which is a wholly valid question. Newton’s third law states that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. The yin-yang shows us that light and dark must always coexist. This is the reason this switch exists. Not because it’s useful, not because it’s good, not because it’s worth anything, but because the Holy Panda has sat alone for too long, and it must be completed. Every coin has two sides, and this is the other one. Thank you for reading.

TL;DR: This is just a massive shitpost, thanks to Fizzelo on Discord for the inspiration.

This is a repost of my original post on r/switchmodders. Come join us, we have fun over there.


Whenever I get a new batch of switches, I like to gnaw on the stem legs a bit. It’s quite tedious, but it gives each switch a unique and individual typing feel. With enough chewing, you can make a linear switch tactile or vice versa! My current favorite switch to do this with are novelkey creams, I do love seafood after all!

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What did I just read

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This is truly the darkest timeline

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