The Heavy-6 (now resurrected in polycarbonate)

It’s finally here! I unfortunately will not be ordering one, though, as the FC660C layout doesn’t work for me. I wanted to reply to say good luck with the group buy, but it sounds like it’s running quite well already :slight_smile:

Somewhat on a tangent, but what’s the story behind the portcullis mark? I really like its design and am curious how you came up with it :slight_smile:


Holy cow :open_mouth:

Posting just to say I’m happy to be a part of this GB. Placed an order for the Aperture.

I remember the old day, the day when I spent 400 USD something for a Type-S incl. the accessories from PFU. This is it. Get in, get out. No touchy feely, no testing the water. Straight to the grail.

Thinking I’ll be safe from the rabbit hole.


Haha. Me neither! This is the first keyboard design I’ve ever produced that was entirely by popular demand and not a keyboard that I use regularly. :slight_smile: But if what I see at meetups is any indication, this is an incredibly popular keyboard. hehe I’m just and old gramps who can’t get used to anything smaller than TKL.

Oh how familiar that sounds. :slight_smile:

Thanks for supporting the project!

Man I must have jumped on ordering an aerospace only minutes after your site had the page up. I think I had my order in 20 minutes before the GB technically began lol

Despite being Canadian and dealing with our dollar being only $0.75USD or so, I’m in. This is really a one-time really exciting mod for this keyboard that I love and I don’t think I could pass it up if I tried.

Haha. I got that notification on my watch and was wondering who on earth was sitting there refreshing my shop all day. :laughing: Seriously, though, the enthusiasm is much appreciated. :bowing_man:

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Hey Ryan, so what happened to the Feet option? Did you just decide to not do it? Sorry just curious, as I will still be buying one of these. Lol

I saw you mentioned “This Run” Does that mean if we purchase a case this run, we will have the option to get the feet separately if you run it later?


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Thanks, was just wanting to discuss more and future options per reading it above.

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Good luck ryan, sadly i dont like 660c layout,

So 980c soon?

wow, now i wish i had an FC660C instead of my HHKB - that case is amazing looking and i love the carrying case too. damn, so good!

be patient. He said he was working on an HHKB case I think :slight_smile:

Sadly I’m also in the “don’t like the layout” crowd as far as the FC660C is concerned, but that carrying case… Might have to pick one of those up for an HHKB or the M60-A when it arrives.

oh man, looks like I’m going to have to wait until the last week to see if i can fund my endgame hahahaha. gotta start selling to fund this baby.

do you go back to play the field mx design?

KMK Labs.

I wasn’t per se referring to another Heavy-6 run, but more referring to my production runs of various designs. I definitely haven’t given any thought to another run of the Heavy-6. I’ve been trying to do radically different designs in sequence rather than running a bunch of the same thing over and over (like I did with the Norbatouch). Quite simply, it’s just more fun and creatively satifying. :slight_smile:

Anyway, to address your specific point, I think I could get you a set of riser feet for maybe like $200 or so in aluminum (I did create and test a design that works fine and looks nice—more or less a version of what I did on the Norbaforce), but I just couldn’t in good conscience bring myself to put such tiny parts at such a high price in the GB. (This would work best on the powder-coat finishes, since bead-blast/anodizing from different batches doesn’t always match up perfectly.) I’m not really sure why these quote out at such a high price; I think it is because of the fixturing required to hold the workpiece rigid all the way down to the thin end of the wedge of the riser.

Is there any plan for Topre Realforce R2 housing (will be awesome)?

These are beautiful @norbauer

Before I smash open my piggybank in the quest for endgame, can you tell me if the heavy6 will be compatible with stabilizers harvested from a Novatouch? I want to use mx-sliders and know that the OEM case requires some modification for the stabilizers to work, but I don’t trust myself to do the same with one of your creations.


A very kind and generous friend recently gave me an R2 that he obtained in Japan. Based on my inspection of it, I think that I should be able to make a case (an adapted Norbaforce) that is compatible with both the 87U family and the R2, though it will require a bit of clever engineering. So, yes, it’s something I’m looking into at least. :slight_smile:

Interesting. Off handedly, I would say that it shouldn’t be a problem, but perhaps there is some technical difference that I’m not considering. Do you have any information on the modification that is required to use the MX sliders on a normal FC660C? That would help me be able to determine.

I believe two holes have to be cut into the plate, so I don’t imagine it should be an issue with the housing, but I thought I should check.

Here is a reddit post about one user’s modification.