The Heavy-6


It looks like the prices for the FC660c and the Monolith are coming into alignment. Perfectly balanced, as it were. Hmmmm…

Norbauer is Thanos. Called it first.


I may be spoiling the price telling this…

It’s still around USD210 shipped at Taobao if you are comfortable navigating the site with Google Chrome.


I recommended as a proxy to help with buying on Taobao


Any chance of some sweet video forthcoming?


Just to clarify, as described in the GB page, the non-Monolith backplates are indeed stainless steel but they are a matte finish coated with black zinc. The visual effect is analogous to the Monolith’s all-PVD coating, but using that coating makes the price of the aluminum models (relatively) more accessible.

(In an admittedly confusing turn, Huey’s sample has a PVD backplate, but that’s just because that’s all I had on hand to send him.:confused:)


Thanks for the clarification, makes sense. :slight_smile:


I posted a little short snippet of a video showing the bag factory that will make the Heavy-6 carry bags.

I’ll do a longer version of the same when I offer my TKL carry bag.


What do the distributions look like for the finishes? How many ballers are out there and got the monolith now that we’re on the home stretch? I put in my order for the Aperture yesterday so I’m hoping I can just pretend to forget about it until they start shipping.


14 Monoliths sold so far; they all jumped in early. Popularity now looks like this: Aerospace, Aperture, Retro, Monolith, Motorsport.


Man, kind of surprised motorsport is low, I had a hard time deciding between that and retro.


It was a surprise to me too, but all the rarer those will be, so I’m cool with that. :blush: I think it’ll probably be the version I’ll keep around for myself because it’s so unusual.

Also, there is still time left. In my experience, there is usually a huge rush of orders in the final days (i.e., this week), so who knows how those will skew.


How are the carry bag orders going? I would hope for a one-to-one correlation, but can understand how the extra cost might trip some budget alarms.

It’s a really good looking bag. I know I look forward to bouncing into future keyboard meetups, styling and vogue-ing like it’s a Parisian catwalk with my swanky keeb purse.

I expect groupies.


You’ll be a member of the elite nerd-purse few. I think only about 15% of orders have elected to add the bag so far. Due to the cost of being made here in California the custom carry bag is, like the Monolith, is a bit on the extravagant side, so I didn’t expect everyone to pick it up. But hopefully we’ll get a decent number more orders in the remaining few days of the GB. Otherwise, I’m going to have to have an uncomfortable conversation with the workshop. :expressionless:


Christ… I wish I had the keeb for this… Apeture really appeals to the photo/videography nerd in me. :sob:



You tease :stuck_out_tongue:




more photos please…


Soon :wink:


Quick update: though I have been keen to avoid finish-option creep on this project, my good pal @choobies prevailed upon me to add a Black anodized option, so I just did that. He pointed out that the gray caps go really well with a black case but that not everybody can afford a Monolith—an exceedingly fair point. :slight_smile: I don’t have a photo of a prototype to show, but looking at the Monolith photos, not too much imagination is required. It’ll just be a pretty standard Type II black anodized finish, as is quite common on after-market keyboard housings.

The texture of the Monolith will be smoother than the bead-blasting on the anodized version. And the Monolith has a purple logo badge, whereas the “Tactical” (black anodized) color will have a grey badge. And of course the anodized version weighs a lot less (but is still nothing to sneeze at).


Anybody who wants to switch to this color who already placed, an order, of course just shoot me an email (preferably by replying to your order confirmation).