The Heavy-6


@ whalematrontron Very Nice! Did you cast the mods yourself?


They’re from Blizzardmods - he does raffles once in a while, although I bought them off another user on mechmarket.


It’s done! And boy howdy is this sucker heavy. Norbauer wasn’t lying. The packaging and presentation was impeccable, far nicer than anything I’ve ever gotten before in this hobby.

I didn’t feel the need to wax it, it looked great with just a wipe down.

It took me and my boy half a day to take apart his FC660c, install silencing rings and lube the rails. He did most of the work. It’s a shared-custody board. He’s also responsible for the bling artisan-type stuff on it because he’s way into it. (Myself, not so much).

Anyway, it’s a great case! This exceeded my expectations. I’m so happy I got in on this.





Don’t be a whiner. It was totally worth it. Also, ur weak. Lift moar.


And, you know what? The Norbauer bag is fucking awesome. There’s leather in all the right places. Padding where there needs to be. Small touches that scream quality.

I am starting to get why women love handbags.

I’m kind of bewildered by the Molle loops. But, I guess I could hang some mag pouches or something. I’ve got those, plus extra bullshit. Inner pocket for the SK, I guess. I haven’t tried fitting that yet. Might not work.

Anyway, that’s one hell of a nerd purse.


It gets easier with time. The Heavy-6 must have been my 5th or 6th FC660C disassembly and I was done in an hour.

Mainly, I’d suggest

  1. Get rid of the screws super fast (a magnetic screwdriver helps here). Just go at it. Don’t think. See a screw? It’s going out

  2. When applying domes, you don’t need to get them perfect on first insertion. You can shave a good chunk of time if they are just kinda sorta aligned (and then you can push them in later)

  3. When applying springs, just drop them into the domes. A magnetic screwdriver helps quickly pick up the springs

  4. Finally, when all domes and springs are in, now you can spend time aligning them to perfection

  5. I’d suggest lubing the actual PCB as this implicitly lubes the springs, quietens the board, and keeps everything in place/from sliding around once everything is assembled

  6. A magnetic screwdriver really helps speed up the process of putting everything back together again


For what it’s worth, the biggest time suck was taking the backing off the teeny tiny rubber upstroke silencers and applying them.

These things are the devil.

And since there were aftermarket domes (BKE Redux Heavies) the silencers were absolutely necessary. Like, totally non-negotiable. I’m not complaining, I’m very happy they were available. This thing would sound like a jack-hammer without them.


When I saw your board I immediately ordered a Heavy-6 in Aperture and the blue/grey FC660C, even though I already have a black FC660C :crazy_face: Case came today and it’s awesome, keeb comes tomorrow. Do you have a recommendation on which sorbothane to buy? (thickness, source)



That yellow is amazing :eyes:


Every day I wake up, look at the norbauer shop page for that yellow board, add it to my cart, and close the browser. For like a week now… I’m sooooooooooooo tempted.


My brain tried to fit this to the Folger’s ad tune


Gonna need to call in @Nebulant with the heavy artillery. Hit 'em with more heavy-6 motorsport yellow pics!


Does anyone have a photo of motorsport yellow with the stock black on black keycaps?


Terrible potato photo, but this is that configuration with the “low noise” FC660c. Just got one in the mail today. Honestly, this thing is dank. I’m kinda blown away with how good it feels and sounds, completely stock (other than Hasu controller and case, of course)


Sorry, meant to reply to your post but just look one below for the photo.


As the new and proud owner of a Black on Black FC660C, what is the collective wisdom as to the best colour H6 to complement - Royal Wrinkle, Enigma Gray or even Aperture?

Does anyone have any pics of and of these colour combo’s in the wild? Read this thread top to bottom and Google/social media searched without much sucess.


think how nice the GMK Phantom would be on this keyboard


Perfect! Thanks