The Heavy-6


Thanks for the progress report! :slight_smile:

And happy new year!


Hey there, happy new year!

Any idea when this groupbuy will be completed, and you’ll take orders for the next batch? Much obliged!


I’m pretty sure that Norbauer stated that a rerun of the Heavy 6 is HIGHLY unlikely.


If there’s not gonna be a rerun, those 25 Monoliths will be worth their weight in gold one day!


Indeed. Once the group buy units ship, I do intend to have a few extras available in a limited set of finishes, but that’s as close to another run as I’m likely to get anytime soon on this particular design, I’m sorry to say. (Too many projects on my plate as it is. :blush: ) Sorry to repeat myself if I’ve already said that in this thread, but if you want to be first to know when extras are available, my email list would be the place.


I’m already loving the Fc660c I bought in anticipation of these shipping, I’m seriously considering keeping both units I ordered rather than choosing between Aperture and Retro since it wont run again :slight_smile: Greedy I know…


Hey there, sorry but I don’t really follow the updates much since this switched over to keebtalk. What is the status on the bags? I was someone who ordered a bag but not a case and was wondering when we could expect those?



The bags are in stock and ready and waiting on the keyboards. Could you shoot me an email over to and let me know your order number? I’ll be happy to ship it in advance of the others.


Will there be any extras for the bags?


I stopped following this thread, but I’m on your email list already.

Question about the bags:

  • are they only for the Heavy 6?
  • did you ever end up making the TKL bags from the geekhack IC
  • did you send out an email to your mailing list already answering this stuff that I missed?

(hope I’m not hassling you, I’m just a big fan of your work and worried I’ll miss out on something)


There are indeed extras and they’re actually available now. :slight_smile: I was waiting until Heavy-6 extras themselves are ready before announcing this on the email list, but feel free to pick one up if you don’t want to also order an H6 at the same time. It never honestly really occurred to me that people would want the bag without the keyboard—though it should have—otherwise I would have sent out an email. Sorry about that.

They should comfortably fit any similarly-sized keyboard. It isn’t a super-snug fit with the fc660 and Heavy-6; I left a bit of breathing room. I don’t actually have measurements right now, but I’ll try to get them up on the product page soon.

Yes, they were actually finished a long time ago but went through a whole logistical mess while I conducted experiments with various third-party shippers. (I’ve been trying to stop shipping stuff out of my living room.) They’re currently en route from the first shipper I tried (which sucked) to the new company I’m using (which doesn’t) and I hope to have them in stock within the coming week or two, but part of the reason that the first place sucked is that they’re colossally slow and unreliable, and I’ve still been waiting for them to ship them from the one warehouse to the other. -_- If you’re already on my email list, though, you’ll get a notification as soon as they’re up.

Nope. See all answers above. :slight_smile: