The Heavy-6


Yes, unfortunately that can’t be helped. Not only is powder coat inherently much more expensive than anodizing, especially using the high-end coatings finisher I’ve settled on here in Silicon Valley, but I will have had to pay for get these finished twice.


Hehe. Well, if learning how to cope with repeated malice and incompetence by factories constitutes an increase in intelligence, then I’m well on my way to becoming a fucking genius. :man_facepalming:


Sorry to hear and thanks from all of us for doing your best to remedy the situation.

Now I just hope I am not one of the ones who will have their orders cancelled. That would be heart breaking.


This community doesn’t deserve you, my friend.


I didn’t participate in this buy, but your level of dedication and work is exceptional. I hope you get everything sorted out with the factory.


Now I am excited to see what the new finishes that will be available are…


Thank you for being so transparent and going WAY FAR BEYOND what any normal and sane person would do to produce something up to your standards. I have supported many of your projects in the past and I have never been disappointed with the end result. I can’t speak on anyone else’s behalf but please do not be afraid to take your time with any solutions you see fit in order to remedy this issues.

I took a small hiatus from Topre for a little while but I can’t wait to get my 660C in that Aperture H-6 :wink:


Thank you for the update. I second Pheyn in that really hope that my order won’t get canceled as I was most interested in the tactical option (even with minor blemishes). Worst case, hopefully one of the new surprise finishes grabs my attention (still crossing fingers for tactical to match a Norbatouch) as my 660c has been crying for the Norbauer touch.

Good luck with the legal recourse and thank you for having the standards that you do. Not many manufacturers would be willing to pay for resurfacing of components and its what makes the legacy of your products awesome.


Looks like the buy is live on the shop again. Some nice new options


Any chance of getting the full board image in the Maritime finish? want to paste in the Blue/Grey keys to see how it looks


I didn’t have time to edit it yet fully, but here is a quick-and-dirty snap:


Much obliged!


Have e-mails already been sent out for those whose orders were cancelled?


Not sure if they’ve all gone out, But I received my cancellation email about an hour ago.


Ouch! That’s got to hurt. I’ve been checking my e-mail every few hours since I saw the last update. Maybe someone with a tactile order would be interested in the new Maritime finish and would be willing to sell you theirs.


Yea it sucks lol. I sent a reply to Ryan seeing if I could at least buy a B-stock tactical that I might be able to cover up any defects w/ cerakote or something. It’s a long shot but I figured it couldn’t hurt to ask.

But speaking of long shots, if anyone ordered a tactical that hasn’t had their order cancelled but also no longer wants it, I’d be happy to buy it from you :smiley:


I would consider other finishes if I wasn’t so set on a monochrome colorway for my leopold.


Anyone looking to trade their Anode finishes for the newer finishes, or looking to sell their Anode, hit me up!!


I just added Royal Wrinkle, a satin black textured that should be pretty similar in overall impression to what Tactical looks like, just with slightly more texture. This is a favorite finish of mine and what I’m currently using on my daily-driver Norbaforce. It is nearly identical to a finish frequently seen on midcentury electronics housings and typewriters.

I’ll probably also Enigma Gray shortly also, which is a non-wrinkle texture in medium gray. See below.


Whoa. I would definitely consider the Enigma Gray. Nice work with the additional finishes!