The Heavy-6


Monolivia looks amazing :heart_eyes:


Ouch! That’s some of the worst anodization I have ever seen. Thanks for taking care of this. Let us know if there’s anything we can do to help deal with the fallout.


@norbauer I don’t have a FC660 but I like the case (motorsport!!) so much that I decedied to made my own pcb for the case.

Is it possible to snap some internal pics and mansurement for the plates please?


Haven’t been on here in a while, life has been incredibly busy. With everything that happened, I’m sorry you got shafted so hard @norbauer, hopefully your lawyer will be able to lay into them. On the topic of the b-stocks, I know you don’t want them out there because you have your name on them, but I was interested in maybe trying to refinish one just to see what comes of it if that would be possible. Regardless, as far as I’m concerned you’ve gone above and beyond what many other gb runners are willing to do for the sake of those that support you, so you get my vote of confidence and appreciation. Look forward to receiving my new case!


I don’t mind selling them if you’re planning on refinishing for sure, but I only have a couple on hand (samples that I just got back from the factory), as most were already sent for refinishing. Just shoot me an email (


How’s end of March looking. Still doable?



So far as I know. The powder coating facility has the rear cover plates and has the powder on order, with application likely starting next week.




So incredibly excited for this!


Any updates? Still looking on schedule for end of March / beginning of April?


Yup. The finisher that is re-working the plates is generally pretty reliable and fast. I’ll poke them in a week or so just to make sure everything should be arriving around end of month still.


Good to hear! Thanks for your attention to detail. I’m sure we’re all excited for the final product.


do post some :fire: pictures on insta/here before shipping if you get the chance


Converted one of my FC660C’s to MX so I can mount /dev/tty with the Triumph mods in preparation for the Retro Heavy 6 :slight_smile:


Nice! What kind of sliders? How does the sound change? The feel?


KBDFans sliders
These awesome 3D printed stabilizers for the spacebar

I’d say the feel is similar to stock, but it is definitely noisier than stock. I may investigate some silencing rings down the line (didn’t like the KBDFans rings).


@norbauer how are we looking for late March still?


That’s what that conversion was for? Nice!

I also got the retro refrigerator case, but I am going with key company katakana keys for a “mint chocolate chip” look.

They’re both going to look great!


The factory has still promised by the plates back by end of month. Getting everything assembled, boxed, and shipped will likely thus push into early April, but I’ll try to make that as fast as I possibly can.


That’s great news! I can’t wait Thanks again for the awesome case <3