The Heavy-6


I’m not in this GB, but I’m always impressed with how professional and efficient your productions are Ryan. Looking forward to your next project!


So unbelievably excited for the Heavy-6 arrival. I am refreshing this page and my order link like a small child counting down the hours on a clock until Xmas morning. Looking forward to the unboxing surprise of Norbauer perfection.


Stuff being packed today. :slight_smile:


I’m super excited! Thank you for the progress update!

My only concern is that I might get my case before my FC660C arrives; then again, I should consider myself lucky if that is one of my struggles in life. :stuck_out_tongue:

I see the retro refrigerator color in the background and it looks so tasty.



says he won’t tease packaging
Proceeds to tease packaging on Instagram

Really though it’s cool to see everything coming together all of a sudden. Can’t wait to see everyone’s boards in the next few weeks.


if anyone is debating about the keychains, they look very precious (I adore mine)


this GB was faster than the norbaforce, is that right?

KMK Labs


About twice as fast if not more so! Even with a vendor who screwed me pretty hard on this project, I feel it has gone pretty smoothly so far otherwise. I keep learning how to do these projects more effectively each time–hard won experience, no doubt, but it counts. It’s mostly about accumulating enough direct experience with all the different ways of getting screwed by vendors and figuring out ways to recover from that creatively. :roll_eyes:


Any truth to the rumor that the post office is having a hard time delivering the monolith due to its extreme mass and density? I heard one broke through the floor of a delivery truck and caused a sinkhole.


I heard that the only thing we can directly observe from the Monolith is Hawking radiation.


Assembly complete! Shipping starts tomorrow and should take at most 2 days.

The only lagging parts are Royal Wrinkle, but those were a late addition last month (or whenever that was). Those should go out next week sometime.


Can’t believe it’s really happening
So excited !!!



Just got an email saying that my label just got printed. I know it’s not a big deal but YAY


Haha. Well, it’s a big deal for me. It took a lot to get to this point! :woozy_face:


True! Can’t wait on your latest masterpiece!


It’s here!


And the other one!


Aperture is just killer. Can’t wait!


*cries in east coast