The Heavy-6


It’s a non-issue if you harvest both the MX sliders and stabilizer housing from the Novatouch. The stabilizer housings from the Novatouch are compatible with the FC660C. All you have to do is pop them in, no drilling. Source: I’m currently doing the conversation on my FC660C :grin: right now.

Reference pic from Ripster:


Awesome. Thank you!


Right now I can easily rationalize the decision not to buy a monolith (don’t have the money, I just ordered the modern m0110, fc660c doesn’t support ISO layout), but I just know that when people receive theirs and start posting pictures of them I’ll probably spontaneously combust from jealousy and regret haha. Since people have been ordering monolith would you consider offering more stainless steel options in the future or was this a one off kind of thing?

GL with the GB (although it seems that luck isn’t particularly needed here) :grin:


People still keep ordering it, to my astonishment, so I’ll probably look into expanding steel/PVD options in future. I’m currently getting a sample from the vendor in brushed gold PVD for a future project, so I’ll be interested to see how that comes out.


Hi Ryan, thanks for all your work. Question regarding the steel backplate. I originally thought this backplate was REPLACING the original backplate on the FC660C (the thing that sits between the PCB and the keycaps/switches).

But your “backplate” is just the bottom part of the case, correct?


Yes, I use the term “backplate” to distinguish between the keyboard “plate” and the rear cover to my housing. :slight_smile:


Thanks, figured that’s what it was. Another question - when installed, does the keyboard “suspend” via screws on the top of the case, or does it “sit” on the steel backplate via screws?


You mentioned that you might shut down the GB early if you reach a certain number of sales. It would be great if you could warn us some time ahead of that. I know a lot of people are out recycling cans, digging for pirate chests and searching for lost wallets in their couches just so they can get their hands on one of these beauties. Would be a shame to miss it.



Yes, inquiring minds want to know just how wildly successful this drop is so far, and also, I have a casual bet with my son as to the under/over on the Monolith before Norbauer pulls the plug on it in exasperation with the human race doing pretty much the opposite of his expectations.


Speaking of back-plates and PVD coating - are you still planning on making a heavier back-plate (and switch-plate? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:) for the Norbaforce? That matte black PVD coating would go really well with the tactical black Norbaforce. :sunglasses:

I know this isn’t the thread for it, but I’m extremely pleased with how my Norbaforce turned out and the only thing I feel is missing would be the upgraded back-plate and switch-plate, so I’d be all over it if it comes into fruition. :blush:


I think this was discussed in a previous thread, but just to make it clear: Is there room for Hasu’s FC660C Alt Controller in this case?


From the shop page:

The Heavy-6 is compatible with only the Leopold FC660C (not included) keyboard. It has the same angle between desk and typing surface as the original keyboard itself. The Heavy-6 is Hasu-controller compatible.


The plate and PCB themselves are suspended. The small secondary/breakout PCB that is part of the FC660C sits on top of standoffs on the rear/bottom cover plate.


Absolutely. My current thinking has been to verify that the Heavy-6 plates come out well and then proceed with more such plates subsequently. The samples have been excellent, but my view is that if you have a chance to check a vendor’s work before committing too heavily, it’s always better than jumping in too much at once. :slight_smile:


Awesome, I’ll make sure to keep an eye out.


I would love to see a norbauer HHKB case. Id buy one in a heart beat.


Pretty sure it will happen. We’ll just have to wait is all.


Hope its not anytime soon though, because I currently have my eye set on a poly salamander. That thing is gonna destroy my keyboard funds for a while. Norbauer’s pricing is really decent though, unless he does crazy things like a 100lb solid platinum edition of the case…which actually sounds pretty damn awesome. :thinking:


Popularity goes like this so far: Aerospace, Aperture, Monolith, Retro, Motorsport. Monolith fell to third place today, because I think those folks all jumped in early. I think if you’re going to drop $900 on a seven-pound keyboard, you’re probably not the vacillating sort. :roll_eyes: But I know of at least a few people who told me they’re going to place other Monolith orders and are just waiting for forthcoming paychecks.

We’re currently at a vigorous 73 spots taken, just a couple of days into the planned 3 weeks. My feeling has been that I might like to cut it off around 200 aluminum units sold, which is nearly half the Norbaforce numbers and seems much more manageable to me. However, I am a famous softie/pushover when it comes to this sort of thing, so I may let the GB numbers run over 200. I’m currently working through the task of documenting all the production, inspection, assembly, kitting, packing, and fulfillment steps. Once I have a better handle on what is involved on all that (and how much I can outsource without making any quality compromises), I’ll probably have a better sense of what numbers I can comfortably agree to. :blush:


Selling briskly for such a bespoke & expensive case! Well worth the money IMHO though, these are beautiful. Fingers crossed I can get the money for together at least an Aerospace before the orders hit 200 (It’s totally gonna happen before the 3 weeks are up, LOL). I mean I’ll live if I miss out on it, but this one would definitely hurt to miss out on! :scream: