The Heavy-6


I wish I could actually try the Monolith before making a decision. It’s very tempting and I would be willing to pay for it, but I would need to know how much of an upgrade it is from the aluminum versions in terms of feel and sound. If it’s just a weight thing, I’m not sure I’d spring for it.


Well, there’s also the finish and the color. But other than that, have you ever seen, or felt a milled stainless steel board? Neither have I. So far as I know, no one’s done this before. I did a cursory google search and came up with plenty of hits for plates and old battleship boards that used rolled and formed cases.

I got to try out a prototype Heavy Six at the last KeyCon, but I’m pretty sure it was the aluminum version. If memory serves correctly, it had a crackle type finish and was built like a tank. I was pretty well spaced-out from the drive there, and the ensuing hubbub, so take my recollection with a grain of salt. Mr. Norbauer was certainly there, unless he has an army of simulacra, which would be cool and impressive, and now that I’ve brought up the idea, I hope I’m not on a secret Galactic Overlord hit list.

I guess it depends on whether you regard the Monolith as the “one true thing”, like paying two bucks for an ice-cold Mexican Coke made with cane sugar in a pint bottle when a regular old Coke in an aluminum can is 50 cents. There’s nothing wrong with either. At least it’s not as stark a comparison as an ice-cold Mex Coke vs lukewarm store-brand lemon lime that’s been open for a day sitting on a counter. And the Monolith won’t give you diabetes.

I’m sure this doesn’t help, I just felt like sharing.


Just put in my order for the Aperture! Been waiting for months and I can honestly say that this is the most excited I’ve been about anything keyboard related since I got into this hobby.

Topre endgame is in my sights.


Yes, I believe that the Aperture sample with the steel back-plate is the one that I brought to KeyCon.

I can neither confirm or deny the existence of my simulacrum army.

Wow. Thank you for saying that. I’m delighted I could help facilitate such excitement. Being able to share that kind of thing with you guys is precisely why I do these projects! :blush:


Has anyone given an endearing nickname to these yet? Thus far we have Norbatouch and Norbaforce.

Norbapold? :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:

Norbalith for the SS?


Norbachad for the Monolith.


The SS version is a beast! :scream: Wish i had an extra $900 to get one, but I’ll be over the moon if I can just grab a Aerospace one, LOL! :sunglasses:


I walked in the door after work the other day. My wife goes, “Did you just spend eleven hundred dollars on some computer stuff?”

I said, “Yep, that was me,” and kept on going.

She just spent an equivalent amount to buy a dog. I did not want a dog. We now have a thousand dollar dog.

I’m just saying.



I can at least promise that the keyboard housing will neither urinate on nor lick anyone, which as far as I’m concerned is in itself worth at least a solid $999.


The case will probably outlive the dog. I’m just saying.


Space archeologists in the far future will unearth one of these cultural artifacts and scratch their heads. “Not sure what went in this container, but it must have been of religious importance!”

Some maverick will speculate that the ancients worshipped a diety they called “Rubbre” but be thoroughly dismissed by his peers. Eventually, consensus will settle that they were an abstract expression of ancient art that defies objective analysis, but find that Galactic Tycoons are snapping them up for use as ashtrays, despite the small and vocal objections of the historians.


Norba6? (This would be great if it were also Norbauer’s 6th keyboard design but I don’t believe that’s the case – pun intended :joy:)
My trusty sledgehammer?

Whatever nickname sticks, it should leave Norbauer open to making housings for other Leopold models that have their own ridiculous names and ideally – although less important – preserve that it’s only compatible with the 660C (as opposed to the 660M) so people don’t get the wrong idea and Norbauer is open to making a compatible model in future if that ever happens.

Am I taking nicknames too seriously? I take everything too seriously… But a good nickname just has so much character! :stuck_out_tongue:


just ordered my monolith you son of a bitch


That is the right response.


Whelp I cracked and jumped in. Time to pop my Topre cherry. I was reluctant because of the issues with getting custom caps to work for these boards but dang those cases are so good looking I had to go for it. Figure even with the stock caps its going to look sweet as.

Now all I need to do is source a FC660C, they seem to be a bit scarce at the moment (and get snapped up on /r/mm pretty quickly), probably due to this GB.

Went for the Retro, but must admit I’m vacillating on changing that to the Aperture, the crackle finish looks awesome.


Snagged a FC660C black × black via eBay from widebasket for USD210 shipped. I’m buying another FC660C, so I checked w/ him (her?) a day or two ago, it appears that FC660C is currently out of stock with no plan of replenishing soon.

There’s an eBay seller, asking USD265 plus USD44 shipped. Currently in stock.

Harumio went from USD240 to USD289 excl. shipping before going out of stock.

Currently waiting for KoreanBuddy’s reply if they’ll able to source one directly from

Update: KoreanBuddy is able to source FC660C at 233,000KRW [approx. USD208] plus a small fee.


You could also order (brand new ones) from Europe, seems to be plenty here. I just bought two.



Any chance of showing us some more photos of the case? Especially the Aerospace. Would love some real in-situation shots rather than the lightbox product photos. Shooting with a potato would also be fine, doesn’t have to be high-end, just looking for some variation :slight_smile:



This should be a bullet point on your site.


The process looks beautiful!