The Heavy-6


Who is the vendor in EU?

#84 gets shipments quite regularly lately


Thanks for the info!

The eBay seller is selling the version with Hangul legends AFAICT, which I am not keen on.

I had not heard of KoreanBuddy before, that is a great option, will check it out.


Received a little something nice to review :slight_smile:


Damn, that is nice.


Gorgeous looking case, really wondering if I should change from Retro to Aperture


Looks more like a textured ceramic with the gloss than a hammertone finish depending on the light. I think this was the kick I needed to go with this finish so get that review out ASAP So I can watch it over and over until they get made.


More pictures please.

Combo w/ black × black, and gray × white keycaps please.


You know… there are typing tests… but I would love a touching test for this case!


I finished the Novatouch mod :slight_smile:

FC660C w/GMK Muted & GMK Nautilus spacebar. Now just waiting for Heavy-6 Aperture.

Here are some things I learned while doing the Novatouched mod:

  • Stabilizer housing and Novatouch stabilizers are compatible, all you have to do is pop them in (no drilling)
  • You will also need to harvest the two stabilizer housings for the spacebar
  • Spacebar size is 6u centered stem

I learned a lot from Ripster55 imgur album


Note that the sample @Manofinterests has sports a slightly glossier finish than the final production units. It got a clear coat, and while you can’t really tell on camera the difference, in person I think clear coat on hammertone kills a bit of the texture effect in an undesirable way, so the Heavy-6 production units won’t have it.


nicely done mate! I also suspect the NT spacebar housing was compatible so it’s good to have it confirmed. Though I haven’t done this mod myself cause I still want my NT to be functional since afaik there is no 6.25u Topre spacebar so it is no use to put the topre housing back into the NT.


How does it feel compared to stock? Any significant differences, either good or bad?


Overall I really like the velvety feel (I also lightly lubed the rails and added KBDfans Slient-X rings). I was more pleased by the sound profile, like typing on “soft rain drops”.

The Novatouch silders are a bit shorter which will produce a noticeable “clack” on buttom out of mod keys but the alphas are amazing. I think my preference is to type on GMK keycaps.

When I compare to my stock realforce 87u, the only thing I miss is the upstroke “tick” sound which to me is a signature topre sound.


Is that the matte black PVD coated stainless steel backplate? It looks really nice.


the opaque pvd loses a bit of charm, it seems a simple anodization.

KMK Labs.


Listed an FC660C, it sold fast


@norbauer has the power to influence market changes in our hobby like no other. FC660Cs are already scarce but now people are hunting them down like no tomorrow. I had grab one from an international user on /mm. No regrets…


I wonder if these cases have come up on Leopold’s radar at all. Surely a vendor has tried to put in a larger then normal order for these.


It’s not a lot of data to go on but camelcamelcamel suggests a correlation…
FC660C White Prices
FC660C Black Prices

That escalated quickly (from mid-September to early-October)…