The Heavy-6


If it’s the same type of anodizing used for the Norbaforce, I can’t recommend it enough. It’s super smooth and almost velvety.

I still catch myself casually caressing the board from time to time. :relieved:


Cracked and ordered the Aperture to go with my existing Retro order :slight_smile:


Limit 49.5 Monoliths per group buy pariticipant. :smirk:


With enough sockpuppet acounts, I can probably retire! (ok, not really)


Well, now we have another problem - cool keycaps for those awesome cases.


Please help be cause I can’t decide. I have a FC660C that is pitch black, with black keys. Would it be possible to get a render of the aerospace with black keys? Or does anyone have any input on how the silver case would look with black keys?

Alternatively, does anyone know where i can get topre keysets?


I don’t have any renders, but be aware that the group buy closes today (November 13) at Midnight Pacific time.

Silver goes with everything IMO. And if you want to keep it all black, there’s a black anodized case too.


As stated, silver is pretty neutral so looks good with anything, but my preference would be to keep the stealthy looking black on black in this case. Luckily, you don’t even have to spend all that money on the Monolith to achieve this now!


Step 1. Take a photo of your keyboard from above
Step 2. Edit photo and crop it to just the keys (bisecting the arrow keys)
Step 3. Paste cropped photo onto existing render, resize and line up
Step 4. Profit

Seriously trivial to do in MS Paint even. I did this when trying to decide between the beige/grey keys for the Retro case


No need to take a photo, just google a top shot of the all black FC660c and mask out the keys and overlay them on the Heavy 6 renders. Doesn’t take more than a minute.


Yeah, wasn’t sure if the OP had some special edition, the black FC660Cs I googled didn’t seem all that pitch black


Help! For you which case color matches better the FC660C I have which is grey/blue in keycaps?


Well ladies and gents, let the wait begin!

I’m excited for my Aperture, though I wish I could get my portcullis badge in red to really evoke the Leica aesthetic. I know that customizing such a small element runs counter to the mindfully curated number of options, but perhaps a future design could feature something like the magnetic emblem found on Visconti pen caps.

That way people could purchase additional portcullis emblems (which I quite like) to match their keysets. Admittedly, I am logistically naive, both in design and manufacturing, but a little wishful thinking never hurt.


I’m going to cover my portcullis emblem with a decal of Calvin pissing on a Razer.

Now that I’ve said that, I expect to get my board dead last. But we still have a contractual obligation. Oh boy! Can’t wait.


PSA: widebasket just posted a keyboard roof for FC660C here.


I have the same one, I did this to help myself decide. Super sloppy editing, but wasn’t meant to be shared :slight_smile:


What are the final order numbers looking like?


Anyone know when these will be in stock again at

By all accounts, the FC660Cs aren’t discontinued, just out of stock? Not paying more than I need to from buyers price gouging this thing!


Hey guys. Sorry for not being replying yesterday. I spent much of the crunching numbers, preparing spreadsheets, writing documents, talking to the fulfillment company, etc., in order to get the production order rolling. :blush:

That’s a really cool idea. I’ll bear it in mind for future projects.

Numbers looked pretty good. I sold just over a couple hundred units, which is right around what I got the factory to quote, so all is well. Sales of the bags were lower than I might have liked (or, rather, than my factory would have liked), but I should be able to negotiate something with the factory to ensure that they get made, even if it means more or less breaking even or losing a little bit on those. The people who did pick them up seem really excited about them, though (as am I), so I’m determined to get them made. :slight_smile:

@nurbs That’s the official story that @Manofinterests got from them. My understanding is that Leopold switched production from China to Japan not too long ago and I’ve seen reports around the keyboard world of some QC issues on batches from Japan, so my guess is that maybe they took production offline for a while to fix those issues, which disrupted the supply chain temporarily, resulting in the backorder status we’re seeing at a lot of retailers. That’s wild speculation, but it at least conforms with the story we’re getting from MK .com. In any case, I would wait it out. Every indication is that the backorder is temporary.


Unfortunately the bag would have put me right over my comfortable budget this time. If the tkl bags are in fact going to be in your shop inventory them maybe if this size comes back then I will pick one up along with one of those :wink: