The International Kit - Episode 2: A Heart Of Rose Gold

Welcome to the second episode of The International Kit!

A couple of technical things first: not only have we been accepted into Apple’s podcast directory as of last week, thanks to some very generous Patreons we are also now able to afford a Spotify-enabled hosting platform. Combined with our website and RSS feed, you should now be able to listen to us on pretty much any platform/app you want! You should be able to find us through eachs services search but we also have links for many on our website (We do recommend using a proper Podcast player to listen to the episodes though because Spotify doesn’t offer the full support for things like shownotes, chapters, etc.)

With that out of the way, let’s get on with the show! It took us a bit longer than we hoped but here we finally are with our second episode! This time we are very happy to have the fantastic @olivia join us as we talk about the herself, her views on the community, keyset designs, why GMK should just hire @Zambumon and much, much more! Thanks again to Olivia for being such an awesome guest and I hope you have as much joy listening to this episode as we had recording it.

Your hosts,
@egla and @kwerdenker

If you want to get in touch with us and talk about the episode, the podcast or anything else keyboard related, we’d be happy to see you on our Discord server or you can also find us on Twitter under @the_int_kit or Reddit as /u/international_kit.
We also plan to do some keyboard related streams/videos in the upcoming future, which you’ll find on Youtube and Twitch. So follow us there and make sure to enable notifications so you’ll know when that happens.


I did listen to it last week, when i was at the gym.
It made me smile several times.
Good job guys.

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Thank you so much for the feedback! We’re happy to hear you liked the episode and hope we can keep that going for the next ones (and if not, please come and tell us about it :slight_smile: )