The light and dark side of podcasting

We both wanted to thank everyone for the great response the first episode of our podcast got! It seems everyone had as much fun listening as we had in producing it. Speaking of producing, we thought we both share our current desk setups were the magic happens.

Top is @egla setup with his beautiful KBD 8x R1 in black with brass plate, panda clears on alphas/ergo clears on mods, Cherry OG Dyesubs in ISO-DE and a beautiful cable by @westfoxtrot

Bottom is my setup with a TX-1800v2 in Titan grey with brass plate, brass weight, vintage blacks stems in a zeal bottom/cherry top/switch film housing, ePBT 9009 R1 in ISO-DE and a RAMA M6-A SE Moon with ePBT 9009 Ortho Kit caps and another beautiful cable by @westfoxtrot

We currently use these tools working hard on our next episode and hope we can deliver more awesome content to you soon! If you have any questions or want to get in touch with us you can find us here on Reddit, on our Discord server or Twitter. Our website is, where you can also find our first episode if you haven’t had a chance yet to check it out. (We’re still waiting for Apple to list is on their services but hope this is resolved soon)


Awesome shots guys - really love the aesthetics of your setups!

You should have a cover pic of your guests setups for future casts!!

from one mechanical keyboard podcaster to another: welcome to the club and good luck!